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The museum has opened an exhibition “The Rule of faith and the image of meekness” (0+)

November 3, 2023

An exhibition of icons dedicated to the 400th anniversary of St. Mitrofan “The Rule of Faith and the Image of Meekness” has opened in the Voronezh Art Museum.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of the Voronezh Region Alexander Viktorovich Gusev, Metropolitan of Voronezh and Liskinsky, Head of the Voronezh Metropolia Sergiy and Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Evgeny Vasilyevich Revenko.

Alexander Viktorovich Gusev noted that St. Mitrofan was a visionary man: “He saw that the young state needed spiritual support, and helped in all undertakings and innovations, but at the same time Mitrofan hated Western ideology, which tried to destroy our spiritual foundations. 400 years have passed, and what Mitrofan said is very relevant.”

Bishop Sergius congratulated all those gathered on the beginning of the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of St. Mitrofan. He noted: “The value of the exhibition is not only that we honor the memory of St. Mitrofan, but also in every icon that is presented here. All of them were taken from holy corners, where people prayed on them. And this prayer tradition was not interrupted. After all, an icon loses its essence, its spiritual power when it is not prayed for, when it is not spoken to at the level of its heart, its soul. I wish everyone to come to the exhibition and see the holiness that these icons radiate.” In addition, Vladyka Sergei reminded the audience that St. Mitrofan was canonized 130 years after his death: the veneration of the saint was so strong among the people. Both the heirs to the throne and Emperor Nicholas I came to his coffin.

The deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Yevgeny Vasilyevich Revenko, noted that Voronezh is not only the capital of the navy, but also the place where “the symphony of harmonious relations between the state and spiritual authorities was born.” Saint Mitrofan, according to Yevgeny Vasilyevich, is the very example of sacrificial service and service to God, the Church and the State, and it is in his appearance that the very country of which we are the heirs was embodied in many ways.

After the official opening, senior researcher of the museum Valeria Meremyanina conducted a tour of the exposition for the guests.

The exhibition is basically unique. A similar number (more than 100) of images of St. Mitrofan have never been exhibited in a single space. Visitors will be able to see what changes the face of the saint underwent depending on the iconographic school, the time of creation or the region of the country.

The exhibition “The Rule of Faith and the Image of Meekness” will run until November 12, 2023.

The cost of tickets to the exhibition:
Entrance ticket – 250 rubles.
Discounted ticket (schoolchildren, pensioners, students) – 150 rubles.
(According to the Pushkin map will be available later)

On September 17, 23, 24, 30 at 15:00 there will be guided tours of the exhibition
Cost: 100 rubles (valid only when buying an entrance ticket to the exhibition) (Available on the Pushkin map)

The museum received new multimedia equipment

November 3, 2023

Interactive tables and a touch panel were acquired thanks to the national project “Culture”.

New multimedia equipment complemented the space of the large exhibition hall: visitors could see and hear a tour of the exhibition or view the most interesting exhibits up close. Such panels allow not only to significantly expand the theoretical component of any exhibition, but also to “switch” the viewer’s attention somewhat. Thanks to interactive tables, we will be able to avoid the appearance of so-called “museum fatigue”, in which a visitor who is very fed up with a permanent or temporary exhibition can come to a state.

The screens have high brightness and contrast, which made it possible to use the panels both in a brightly lit space and in a dark exhibition hall.

“One of the difficulties in preparing the exhibition “44 views on Japan. Engraving and photography of the XVIII-XX centuries.” it became impossible to retell the process of creating woodcuts in explication format – the text turned out to be cumbersome and difficult to understand. The capabilities of the new touch panel came to the rescue. Now any viewer on the big screen will be able to study all the stages of making a beautiful engraving, the variety of genres and subjects of which our exhibition is dedicated to,” curator of the exhibition Anna Paliy.

October 26-27. Conference “Regional Art Collections”

November 3, 2023

Dear colleagues! We invite you to take part in the scientific conference “Regional art collections. History and Modernity”, which will be held in Voronezh on October 26-27, 2023. 

The conference is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Voronezh Art Museum, established in 1933. Its history has become a reflection of the personal efforts of private collectors, cultural figures, art policy of the 1920s – 30s, domestic and foreign political events that influenced the museum business in the Russian regions.

Regional museums are an extremely important layer of national cultural heritage. Art collections outside the capitals are much less likely to fall into the field of vision of the general public and even specialists.  The history of art remains incomplete without knowledge and introduction to the scientific and cultural circulation of this material.  The purpose of the conference is to discuss important events in the history of art collections outside the capitals, identifying common patterns, revealing the riches of these collections, paying attention to the peculiarities of their work and current problems.

Questions proposed for discussion:

Private collecting in the province of the XIX – beginning . XX: sources of income, composition of collections, involvement in provincial cultural life.
Collectors: a personal history of collecting.
The fate of private collections in the province after the nationalization of 1918
Provincial private collections in the Soviet period.
Art collections in regional museum collections: the history of receipts, curators, researchers.
Provincial museums: the role and place in the artistic life of the region.
Artistic heritage in the regions: problems of research and presentation.
Artistic heritage and tourist potential of the region.
Documentary collections in art museums.

To participate in the scientific and practical conference are invited:
Art historians, cultural scientists, philosophers, historians, museologists, as well as teachers, graduate students and undergraduates.

The rules of the conference:
– presentation: 15-20 min.;
– presentation in the discussion: 5 min.

Forms of participation in the conference:
– face-to-face (presentation);
– correspondence (publication in the collection).

It is planned to publish a collection of articles by conference participants. The collection is assigned the appropriate library indexes (UDC; BBK) and the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). It is planned to register the collection in the scientometric database of the RSCI.

The publication is free, each author will receive one author’s copy of the collection for free.

Applications for participation in the conference and short abstracts (up to 3 pages, Times New Roman font, all margins 2 cm; size 14; line spacing 1.5; paragraph indentation 1 cm) must be sent by September 15, 2023 to the e-mail address of the organizing committee of the scientific conference Conf@mkram.ru

In the “Subject” line, specify: “Conference”.
The file should be named with the surname of the author (all co-authors).

Conference venue:
Voronezh, Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy (Revolution Avenue, 18. Entrance to the courtyard through the arch of the building of the Southern Railway Administration. Directions to the bus stop: “Petrovsky Square”, “Pervomaisky garden”).

For more information, please contact:
tel. 8 (473) 255-68-37; e-mail: Conf@mkram.ru

Contact person:
Natalia Evgenievna Bakina, Scientific Secretary of the I.N. Kramskoy VOHM
Travel and accommodation of nonresident participants – at the expense of the sending organizations.

Files to download:
Application Form
Requirements for the design of the article

August 26. CRAM•FEST (0+)

November 3, 2023

On August 26, the “CRAM•FEST” (0+) will be held – the first art festival from the I.N. Kramskoy Voronezh Art Museum.

We have created a separate website where you can get acquainted with the program and purchase tickets: https://fest.mkram.ru/

Music, master classes, performance, lectures, a fair of Voronezh masters and artists are waiting for you. And, of course, the most important thing is the special atmosphere of the museum holiday!

When: August 26 from 12:00 to 22:00;
Where: the area in front of the facade (Revolution Ave., 18) and in the museum building;
Entrance ticket: 400 rubles . (Available on the Pushkin map)

The museum hosted the first CRAM•FEST

November 3, 2023

On August 26, the first open-air art festival KRAM•FEST was held on the territory of the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramsky.

On this day, more than 750 people visited the museum. The holiday turned out to be truly family-friendly: lectures, curatorial excursions, quizzes, as well as exhibitions “My Family” and “44 views of Japan” were held all day for adult visitors. And for young art lovers, as many as 4 zones of master classes were organized: the “ART CRUMBS” workshop, where the guys created handmade key rings all day, the creative territory from the judge “Steps”, thanks to which several interpretations of the masterpieces of the museum collection appeared in the museum and, of course, master classes from friends of the museum: artists Alla Reshetnikova, Evgeny and Alyona Kambalinykh, and Denis Bulavintsev.

The whole day the musical groups “EvaEva”, “QURANDA QUARTET”, “Duso”, “Flute” performed on the stage&Guitar”, “Concept show DRUMATACA”. The headliner of the festival was singer Daria Viardo, who performed in Voronezh for the first time.

The festival guests were particularly interested in the fair of Voronezh masters and artists. Artists Sergey Brudanin, Denis Bulavintsev, Daria Dubrovskaya, Valery Mishunin, Andrey Mamontov, Arkady Chudakov and others shared their works with Voronezh residents.

CRAM•The FEST was timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the Voronezh Regional Art Museum and was the culmination of a number of festive events. The festival will definitely be held in the following years.

Photo: Nadezhda Popova and Andrey Parfenov.

The museum was awarded “For loyalty to the traditions of realistic art”

November 3, 2023

On September 1, the museum hosted the annual presentation of diplomas and memorable gifts to students of art faculties of universities “For loyalty to the traditions of realistic art”. The awarding ceremony was attended by the Academic Secretary of the Council of Rectors, Associate Professor Vladimir Semenovich Listengarten and the head of the. the exposition and exhibition department of the museum Oksana Vyacheslavovna Lepneva.

This interuniversity project has been implemented since 2015. Its founders are the Council of Rectors of Voronezh universities, the university-wide newspaper “University Bulletin”, the Center for Spiritual Revival of the Chernozem Region and the I.N. Kramskoy VOHM.

The organizers do not generally celebrate the successes of young people in artistic creativity, but those who successfully and creatively follow realistic traditions. After all, realistic art, in particular in painting, is the artistic method that seeks to most fully reflect reality in its diversity and typical features.

In 2023, students of:
Voronezh State University took part in the project
Voronezh State Institute of Arts
Voronezh State Pedagogical University
Voronezh State Technical University
Voronezh Art College (Technical School)
of Yelets State University
Lipetsk State Pedagogical University
Kursk State University

Diplomas and memorable gifts were awarded to Anastasia Adonyeva (Yelets), Konstantin Odnochko (Lipetsk), Ekaterina Belenova (Voronezh), Vadim Koza (Voronezh), Arina Povalyaeva (Voronezh), Maxim Sokolov (Voronezh), Mikhail Kopytin (Voronezh), Polina Sereda (Kursk).

Also, for the fourth time, a diploma was awarded to them. Vladimir Dmitrievich Dobromirov (former Director of the I.N. Kramskoy Art Museum, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honored Artist of the Voronezh Region). The award was awarded to the director of the museum Yulia Nikolaevna Zaichenko.

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