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May 10 – 12. Adventure game “A fascinating journey with the Khryusha marine painter” (8+)

March 13, 2019

On May 10, 11 and 12, young visitors from 8 years old and their parents can become participants in the Adventure Journey with Khryusha-Marinist Adventure Game dedicated to works depicting the water element.

Participants, along with the already beloved Khryusha, have to complete a number of tasks, and solve the secret word-code.
After the passage of “brokers” participants expect special prizes.

The time of the game from 11.00 to 17.00 hours.

Passage of the game-adventure is carried out when buying a ticket for the permanent exhibition + cost of the game-adventure 50 rubles.

Cartoon of participants of the master class “Object Animation” (0+)

March 20, 2019

Вашему вниманию мультфильм «Однажды», созданный  участниками мастер-класса Предметная анимация»,
который состоялся 20 января.
Мультфильм создан с использованием сыпучих материалов (макароны, рис, гречка и т.д.).

Cartoons of the participants of the master class “Drawn animation” (0+)

March 20, 2019

To your attention are three animated creations created by the participants of the master-class “Drawn Animation”, which took place on February 17, 2019.

Cartoon “Shoes”

Cartoon “House”

Cartoon “Moon”

Master class «Cardboard animation»

March 19, 2019

March 17, 2019 in the VOKHM them. I.N. Kramskoy held a master class “Cardboard animation”, which was attended by children from 8 years old.

Participants experimented with cardboard, created their characters and filmed an animated sketch in this technique.

The second lecture of the cycle “Palette of Faust”

March 18, 2019

March 16, 2019 VOHM them. I.N. Kramsky hosted the second lecture of the “Palette of Faust” series, devoted to the work of Peter Bruegel the Elder.

The lecturer was the senior researcher of the museum Valery Alekseevich Shakin.

The 16th century is a turbulent era in the history of Europe: a bloody, frightening, turning point of the century. The art of Peter Bruegel the Elder revives old Flemish painting, giving her new life and fresh pulsating blood. The artist for the simplicity of the brush and the image, nicknamed the “peasant”, managed, like no other, to embody the soul of his own people with colors. Rough types of Flemish everyday life here side by side with the universal scale of what is happening, and the reverent display of native nature, with thoughts about the fate of the fatherland on the eve of the Netherlands bourgeois revolution.

The exhibition «ILYA GLAZUNOV» (6+)

March 14, 2019

March 28, 2019 at 16.00 hours in the exhibition hall of the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramsky will host the opening of the exhibition ILYA GLAZUNOV.

The exhibition of works by Ilya Sergeyevich Glazunov introduces the audience to the painting of the great Russian artist of the second half of the 20th – beginning of the 21st century. Winner of numerous honorary titles and awards, winning popular love and recognition far beyond the borders of his native country, he became a classic even during his lifetime.

The exhibition will present more than thirty paintings from the collection of the Art Gallery Ilya Glazunov (Moscow). The exhibition covers a wide period of the artist’s biography: from paintings of the 1960s to the latest works of the master, made in the 2010s. A separate section of the exhibition is devoted to photographs depicting moments of I.S. Glazunov.

The first personal exhibition of I.S. Glazunov in Voronezh took place in 1990. 30 years later, on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the artist’s birthday, residents of the city and those who have long known and loved his work, once again have the opportunity to see the artist’s paintings.

The creative range of I.S. Glazunov unusually wide. A brilliant painter and graphic artist, who worked in many genres, he also made a significant contribution to the national scenography, created and implemented architectural projects. His talent manifested itself not only in the visual arts, but also in the gift of words: speeches in the media, articles and books, the most significant of which is the two-volume historical-biographical work “Crucified Russia”. Monumental paintings by I.S. Glazunov “Eternal Russia”, “The Mystery of the XX Century”, “The Great Experiment”, “The Routing of the Temple on Easter Night”, “The Market of Our Democracy” and “Discretion”, reflecting the philosophy of the patriotic artist and his understanding of the events of the world, but above all national history.

I.S. Glazunov died on July 9, 2017, but his art does not lose its relevance, it continues to live and excite the viewer, which is confirmed by all the new exhibitions of his works. There is hardly an artist in Russian art who has managed to express the self-consciousness of his people and its history in the work as equally and deeply. The unique beauty of the native land, its heroic history in the paintings of I.S. Glazunov is a source of spiritual strength for new and new generations of Russian citizens.

Ticket price:

Full ticket – 400 rubles.
Preferential: students (upon presentation of student card), schoolchildren, retirees – 300 rubles.
Members of the Union of Artists and the Union of Photo Artists (upon presentation of a certificate) – for free.
Photography on mobile devices is free.
Photographing on a camera (without flash) – 100 rubles.
Amateur video (1 hour) – 300 rubles.

We pay attention! Entrance to the opening of the exhibition – by ticket.

The exhibition will run until May 22, 2019.

Museum lesson and master class on March holidays

March 13, 2019

Last weekend (March 9 and 10, 2019) in the VOKM them. I.N. Kramskoy held two events, which were attended by the fair sex.

9th of March. The lesson “I’m in the world nicer”, dedicated to the holiday of March 8, became a kind of journey for the participants, introducing the images of women of different eras, their way of life and hobbies. In the course of the practical part, the participants created sketches of costumes for ladies and gentlemen (mixed technique).

10th of March. The master class “Bright Beads” under the leadership of Lyudmila Kashirsky taught the participants to create products made of wool in the technique of wet felting. The created beads will be the basis for the author’s decorative ornaments.

Master class “Easter souvenir” (8+)

March 5, 2019

March 31 and April 7, 2019 Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramsky invites children from 8 years and their parents to master classes in creating clay Easter eggs, under the guidance of the Voronezh ceramics artist, the head of the Miracle Ceramics studio and the Charity workshop “Blagolepie” – Arkady Chudakov.

At the master class, each participant will create an author’s souvenir, which will be a pleasant gift for a bright holiday. Products made during the class will be burned.

Experience with clay is optional. All materials are provided by the organizers.

The beginning of the master class at 12.00.
Duration: 90 minutes.
Cost (1 person) – 250 rubles.

The recording starts two weeks before the event – March 17 (recording on March 31) and March 24 (recording on April 7).
Record by phone: 255-50-81.

Limited number of seats.

Service of viewing video guides in Vokhm im. I.N. Kramskoy

March 11, 2019

Dear visitors!

During a visit to the main exhibition VOHM them. I.N. Kramskoy you can use the service of viewing video guides (more than 100 museum exhibits).

Exhibits to which video guides are created are provided with yellow labels with QR codes.

To use this service:

Download any scanner to read QR codes on your mobile device.
“Consider” as a device a QR code on a yellow label.
The device will automatically redirect to the museum account (YouTube channel), and open the video guide for viewing.
Step-by-step instructions are presented at the information stand of the museum (next to the cashier’s office) and on each floor of the main building at the entrance to the main exposition halls of the museum.

Video guides can also be used outside the museum space – in the VOKM account for them. I.N. Kramskoy on the channel “YouTube” on the link.

Pleasant impressions!

John the Baptist

March 6, 2019

Unknown artist
Time of origin:
17th century
Material, techniques:
oil on canvas
Dimensions in centimetres:
48.0х39.0 cm
Place of creation:
Italy country
Number in the State Catalog:
Number on GIK (KP):
VOHM KP-9227
Inventory number:

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