Excursions for senior pupils and students


I.N. Kramskoy VOKHM invites high school students and students on thematic tours of the museum’s expositions. Classes are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please note that pre-registration is required for all excursions by phone. +7 (473) 255-38-67. The duration of the tour is 60 minutes.


“The Art of Ancient Egypt”
Let’s get acquainted with the history of the acquisition of the Egyptian collection of the museum. We will learn about the life of the young intellectual and collector of antiquities Otto Friedrich von Richter, and also carefully consider the most valuable exhibits of the first hall – the sarcophagus of Nesipacherentahat, the cube-shaped statue of Nebuchadnezzar, the stele of Ramos and other objects.

“The History of the Russian portrait”
Let’s get acquainted with the characteristic features of portrait painting, see the evolution of this genre in Russia – from examples of 17th-century iconography and parsimonial writing to avant-garde and socialist realism, from works done in tempera to the use of pasty techniques and collage techniques. We will discuss excellent examples of the work of Rokotov, Tropinin, Kramskoy, Ge, Kiselyova, Buchkuri and other outstanding masters of the XVIII-XXI centuries.

“Russian Landscape”
The Russian landscape has passed a long way of formation and development. 300 years of evolution, which began with timid imitations of European schools, led to the paintings of Shishkin and Kuindzhi, Savrasov and Levitan, Aivazovsky and Lagorio, grandiose in skill and realism, which in turn paved the way for bold experiments by artists of the early 20th century. A thematic tour dedicated to the Russian landscape will reveal to the guests of the museum the secrets and mysteries of this difficult but fruitful path.

“Historical painting and everyday genre”
Perhaps there are no examples in Russian culture that would reveal it better and deeper than works created within the framework of the everyday genre. Artists – often from a peasant background – like no one else keenly and subtly felt and learned to convey the psychologism, atmosphere and energy inherent in Russia. And the painters with not so big names – Karneev, Trankovsky, Sverchkov, and the masters who achieved great success – Bryullov, Repin, Polenov – each in their own way, but equally accurately managed to show the experiences of their era. On a thematic tour dedicated to historical painting, everyone will be able to feel like a part of the history of our country.

Western European painting of the XVI-XIX centuries.
We will learn about the most important schools in the art of Western Europe – Italian, Dutch, Flemish, French and German. We will see and analyze the works of outstanding artists of the XVI-XVII centuries – Michael Ostendorfer, Peter Klas, Jacob van Ruisdael and other masters.

Full sightseeing tour of the museum departments
In an hour we will have time to go through all three floors of the main exposition of the museum and get acquainted with the 4,000-year history of world art.

The cost of a ticket for a tour of the permanent exhibition of the museum is 350 rubles (150 rubles – entrance + 200 rubles – excursion)
Purchase a ticket only AFTER an appointment!
If you want to purchase tickets using the Pushkin Card, do it in ADVANCE on the museum’s website: BUY A TICKET

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