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April 8. Master class «Composition in the landscape» (12+)

January 19, 2023

April 8 at 12:00, the museum will host a master class «Composition in the Landscape» (12+).

For an artist’s work to be successful, it must combine many factors. Meaning and plot, coloristic solution: all this can be called in one word – composition. During the lesson, the artists will share the secrets of building a composition, help make the picture competent and harmonious. Participants will see how to correctly position color and tonal spots on the sheet. To consolidate their knowledge, visitors will analyze Vladimir Polyakov’s painting “Landscape with Figures”.

After the theoretical part, the guests will write a miniature copy of the artist’s work in watercolor technique.


February 16. Denis Bulavintsev’s master class “Monotype” (10+).

January 27, 2023

On February 16, at 18:00, the museum will host a master class by Denis Bulavintsev “Monotype” (10+).

Monotype is a technique located at the junction of painting and graphics, with unique expressive means inherent only to it. Ink is applied to a flat printing plate, which is then printed on paper. This creates a single unique fingerprint.

During the lesson, participants will create several such prints with gouache paints. Prints after drying are suitable for revision by various graphic means, colored pencils will be available. In the process of refinement, the transformation of initially abstract and vague spots into concrete objects will occur. The lesson assumes the widest freedom of action — you can follow a pre-thought-out plan, you can give free rein to your imagination, “growing” familiar images from random spots.

The lesson will be conducted by graphic artist Denis Bulavintsev.

Duration – 120 minutes.
Age – 10+
(available on the Pushkin map)

The program of events for the exhibition “Who gave us peace and beauty”

January 27, 2023

Dear friends! We are glad to share with you the activities that you can sign up for yourself or sign up for a school group.
Excursions and programs will be available until February 26.
Read more about the exhibition “Who gave us peace and beauty” here.

Soviet painting of the Great Patriotic War and post–war years is a special page in the history of Soviet art. She discovered a new hero with inexhaustible vitality, persistent in misfortune, ready to make great sacrifices in the name of a wonderful future. On a tour of the exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Voronezh, the works of front-line artists will be shown, whose works reflect the hardships of the front-line years, the joy of Victory, peaceful working days, the beauty of their native land and beloved city

Record by phone: 255-50-81
Duration – 45 min
The cost is 100 rubles (You need to purchase an ENTRANCE TICKET to the exhibition for the tour ticket!)
(According to the Pushkin map will be available later)

The program includes a tour of the exhibition “Those who gave us peace and beauty” and a master class “Rotunda – a symbol of memory”. At the master class, participants will perform work in the printing technique of diatypy according to the references of the rotunda – the building of the Voronezh Regional Clinical Hospital of the 1930s. This technique combines lines and spots that bring a lot of picturesque accidents to the graphics, which makes the sheet more interesting.

Record by phone: 255-50-81
Duration – 90 min
Cost – 500 rubles
(available on the Pushkin map)

February 19. Master class “In Black and white” (10+)

January 27, 2023

On February 19, at 12:00, the museum will host a master class “In Black and White” (10+).

The methods of ink painting belong to the most ancient technologies of creating drawings. Creating images in such a technique can be incredibly creative and exciting. At the master class, participants will explore black ink using various tools, try different approaches to work. Guests will use expressive means of graphics: line, spot, texture.

The lesson will be conducted by the artist, senior researcher of the museum Olga Remez.

Audience — family visitors
Duration – 90 min.
All materials are provided

Cost – 400 rubles
(available on the Pushkin map)

February 9th. Lecture «Wings of the country. History of civil domestic aviation»

January 24, 2023

On February 9, at 18:30, the museum will host a lecture by Alexey Filatov “Wings of the Country. The history of civil domestic aviation” (12+).

At the meeting, participants will learn about the history of aviation in Russia, consider the most famous aircraft of the XX century, which belonged to civil aviation, as well as analyze the biographies of outstanding aircraft designers.

Lecturer Alexey Filatov is a journalist who has been working for Radio Russia Voronezh for the last 10 years. He is seriously interested in aviation, his photos and articles have been published in one of the leading Russian publications about aviation, the magazine “Take-off”. During the meeting on February 9, which will take place on the day of the 100th anniversary of Russian civil aviation, Alexey Filatov will talk about the civil air fleet of the country and what Voronezh has to do with it.

ADMISSION is FREE (pre-registration is required)
The number of seats is limited.

February 25. Master class “Wet landscape” (12+)

January 18, 2023

On February 25, at 12:00, the museum will host a master class “Wet Landscape” (12+).

Wet painting is one of the most interesting techniques that allow you to write with transparent and fluid colors. Using watercolor technique, knowledge of aerial and linear perspective, as well as the rule of the golden section, the participants will paint a landscape based on the painting by Illarion Pryanishnikov “Sunset in the Steppe” from the museum collection.

(available on the Pushkin map)

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