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Golovin Alexander Yakovlevich

March 1, 2018

1.03.1863 – 17.04.1930

Alexander was born in the family of a priest in Moscow, in 1881 he entered the architectural Department of the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture, but soon realized that his architecture was not inspiring and transferred to the painting Department. During the training period Golovin met Levitan, Korovin, Nesterov and Vrubel.

Immediately after graduating from College, the artist got a job as an apprentice at the decorator A. Tomashki, where he was engaged in painting flowers on satin to order. In 1889 he went to Paris to the world exhibition, where he conquered the newest French painting.

Since 1898, Golovin began studying the art of decorating. He designed performances for the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow, held the position of chief decorator in the Imperial theaters, and was also a consultant to the Directorate of artistic Affairs. In addition, the master invented sketches of costumes and scenery for operas, participated in the exhibition “World of art”, and later became a member of the Association and one of the employees of the magazine “World of Art”. In 1903 Alexander Yakovlevich joined the Union of Russian artists.

Theatrical landscapes of the artist are so realistic that you unwittingly become a participant in the performance.

Golovin’s works are characterized by the desire for the integrity of the artistic image of the play, and the sketches of scenery, costumes, props are sharpened in every detail. In 1927 at the arts theatre with the resounding success of the premiere performance. In 1928, the artist was awarded the title of “people’s artist of the RSFSR.”

Alexander Yakovlevich died on April 17, 1930 and remained known as the author of numerous portraits of actors, in particular Chaliapin, Meyerhold, Stanislavsky, Yuriev, Petrov and many others.

Creativity A. ya. Golovin – one of the brightest and most substantial pages in the history of Russian art of the beginning of XX century, and his heritage was attached to the Golden Fund of Soviet culture. In addition to his wonderful paintings, A. Golovin has left an interesting book of memories: “Meeting and impressions”. In it he tells Chistyakov, Polenov, Serov, Vrubel, Nesterov and many other great masters of art.

Levanidov Valery Ivanovich

March 6, 2018

14.03.1905 – 1983

Valery I. levanidov-painter, graphic artist, participant of the great Patriotic war. He spent his childhood in Gorokhovets, Vladimir region. Love to paint the boy was evident from an early age. The artist devoted many years to study, adopting knowledge from famous masters. In 1923 he enrolled in the Nizhny Novgorod state art and industrial College. 4 years of learning mentors the young artist was V. S. Ivanov, V. A. Likin, and A. V. Fonvizin, after graduating from College in 1927 Levanidov entered the art and technology Institute at the faculty of painting, where he taught KN. Istomin, S. V. Gerasimov and A. A. Osmerkin. Valery Ivanovich also devoted a year of study at the Institute of proletarian fine arts at the Department of mass-household painting in St. Petersburg.
Having received art education, Levanidov moved to live in Moscow, where he was engaged in festive decoration of streets and squares of the city. The master painted portraits, still lifes, thematic paintings.
Since 1934, the artist began to participate in exhibitions, which took place in Moscow and had a historical and Patriotic orientation, and in 1939 held a solo exhibition in the capital. Valery Ivanovich was the participant of the great Patriotic war from 1941 to 1945.
The artist died in 1983, leaving behind a lot of works that are represented in many Museum collections, including the State Russian Museum and regional collections.
In 1986, a memorial exhibition was organized in honor of the artist.

Semyonov-Amursky, Fedor Vasilyevich

March 23, 2018

23.03.1902 – 21.07.1980

Fedor Vasilyevich Semenov-Amursky – painter, master of landscape, portrait and symbolic and allegorical compositions.

Fedor Vasilyevich was born in Blagoveshchensk-on-Amur. Following the tradition of the old masters and wishing to stand out from the mass of contemporaries, the artist took the second part of the surname at the place of birth. He was interested in painting since early childhood, drew a lot and after school went to study at the Annunciation Art and Industrial School. Already from 1923 the master began to work as an illustrator in the regional newspapers “Amurskaya Pravda” and “Molodaya Gvardiya”.

In 1930, Semenov-Amursky married a young artist Elizabeth Eliseeva and lived with her for half a century, until his death.

Semyonov-Amursky studied not only Russian art and creativity of his compatriots and contemporaries, but also paid attention to the history and main trends of the development of world art. According to the artist: “all the most important thing that happened in the world of people, was happening in art. The history of art is the essence of world history. ” Art historians note the influence on the painting of the Semyonov-Amur French impressionists, primarily Matisse and Van Gogh.

The surviving records of the artist testify to close attention and analysis of their creative method. In the works of the master, one feels an appeal to the original, ancient and primitive art. The master was trying to find his universal sources and foundations, and also to understand and rethink their means of expression.

Fedor Vasilievich appealed to the folk art, the culture of Byzantium and Ancient Egypt, paid much attention to the children’s drawing, which preserved the primitive purity. His works preserved the archaic nature of art, and in the center of the artist’s attention were primarily forms, their rhythm, organic, color and linear structure.

Despite the fact that Semenov-Amursky ignored the political turmoil of time, which in his view did not bear any cultural meaning and had no relation to culture, he suffered the tragic fate of artists in Soviet Russia, whose work went beyond the “correct” ideology.

The uniqueness of the master is to use the techniques of his own invention. He painted oil paintings on carefully primed paper, and it was this kind of oil work that produced an interesting effect: in these works the canvas structure never appeared.

Fedor Vasilyevich worked hard, creating about a thousand works a year. He was almost never exhibited, except for participation in several apartment exhibitions. The artist’s works were not bought, and Fedor Vasilyevich earned a living by retouching photos for the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. In 1960-1962, before retirement, Semenov-Amursky took part in a major project – the restoration of the panorama “The Battle of Borodino.” Only in 1967 at the Institute of Physical Problems of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Moscow his first solo exhibition was opened, and in 1976 the works of Fyodor Vasilyevich were exhibited in the Small Hall of the Central House of Artists. This exhibition was the last in vivo.

The artist died in Moscow. Keeper and propagandist of the creative heritage of Semenov-Amursky was his widow Elizabeth Izmailovna Eliseeva. Already after the death of the artist in 1980, Igor Shelkovsky organized the first artist’s exhibitions abroad, making sculptural frames for paintings, in which this painting is demonstrated to this day. The image of the picture frames is consonant with the graphic design of the manuscripts of Fedor Semenov-Amursky himself.

The artist’s works are included in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the State Center for Contemporary Art, the Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum, the Chuvash State Art Museum, the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.Kramskogo and many other state museums, as well as in private collections.

The Museum hosted a master class by Denis Bulavintsev “Plastic and needle”

March 26, 2018

March 25 Ohm of them. In. Kramskogo held a master class “Plastic and needle” for the audience of “professionals and Amateurs” — participants of the series of classes “Spot and line. Graphic techniques and techniques” (16+), which takes place in the Museum under the direction of the artist Denis Bulavintseva.

At the lesson, the participants learned to use a kind of technique of “scratching” and created their own wonderful work.

Opening of the exhibition project “the grace of God the artist”, dedicated to 105-th anniversary of V. S. Sorokin

March 23, 2018

March 22, 2018 in the hall of WOHM them. I. N. Kramskoy took place the solemn opening of the exhibition project “the grace of God the artist”, dedicated to 105-th anniversary of people’s artist of Russia, the participant of many regional, all-Russian and all-Union exhibitions of Viktor Semenovich Sorokin.

Opening the solemn part, the Director of the Museum Vladimir Dobromirov noted that the exhibition of this wonderful, original artist deserves the most flattering reviews, because in each work of the author displayed his thoughts, feelings and a special vision of the world.

A member of the Union of artists, Honored worker of culture of Russia, corresponding member of the Academy of ARTS, Director of the Voronezh art school Sergey Gulevsky congratulated everyone on the opening of the exhibition project, shared his memories of getting acquainted with the author of the exhibition and stressed that for Viktor Sorokin fine art was not a work, but a way of life. The artist possessed a Supreme mastery of color and composition, are equally successful in different genres, whether it be genre scenes and portraits.

The artist Alexey Zagorodnykh noted the talent and warm energy of the author, the emotionality of his works, and also stressed that this exhibition is a great event for Voronezh.

Corresponding member of the Academy of ARTS, honored artist of the Russian Federation, teacher of the Voronezh art school Alexander Lavrov spoke about Victor Sorokin as an amazing and unique person, genuinely in love with art. He noted that the artist set coloristic tasks and took a “high note” in artistic activity.

The exhibition will last until may 27, 2018.

A musical dispute in WOHM them. I. N. Kramskoy

March 19, 2018

As part of the chamber music festival “Voronezh Camerata”, organized by the Voronezh state Philharmonic Society, on March 17 at VOHM. I. N. Archaeology held a musical lecture on “the Orchestra without a conductor: fantasy or reality” with the participation of Peter aydu and Grigory Krotenko.


Pyotr Aidu is fluent in many varieties of keyboard instruments (piano, organ, organ-positive, harpsichord, hammerklavir and others), plays ancient plucked instruments (Renaissance lute, Baroque guitar) and drums. Actively concerts in Russia and abroad, takes part in many domestic and foreign festivals. Project Manager, PERSIMFANS.

Grigory Krotenko is a double bass player, performer on historical bass instruments. He regularly performs as a soloist and in chamber ensembles with leading Russian and foreign musicians. He is one of the organizers of the active participants in the project of the musical laboratory of the theater “school of dramatic art”, reconstructing the musical environment of the 20s of the XX century in the USSR, including the Symphony orchestra without a conductor.

Opening of the exhibition project “Zavody” in the Governor’s House

March 16, 2018

March 15, 2018 at the site of the Voronezh regional art Museum. I. N. Archaeology in the Governor’s House (PR. Revolution, 22) opened a new exhibition project called “Margin”, representing the four separate exhibition of Voronezh artists: Elena Lesnikova, Victor Cyanide, Angelica Shkirenko and Igor Shcherbakov.

“In the title of the project there is some subtext, which on the one hand says about the search for his creative niche, on the other symbolizes the departure from something”-said in his speech, the Director of the art Museum Vladimir Dobromirov. He wished that the artists sought to unite and receive support from the professional community, stressing that the Museum, for its part, is always ready to support young beginning creators.

Head of the Department of professional art and art education of the Department of culture of the Voronezh region Alena Sergeeva noted that it is especially pleasant to see among the artists graduates of the Voronezh art school, and it is gratifying that young authors working in completely different directions are actively developing not only in creative terms, but also conduct active work on the organization of their projects.

Curator of the project, senior researcher of the art Museum Maria laskina thanked all the artists for their work and work invested in this project, noting that the projects in the house of the Governor – a new starting point in the cultural life of Voronezh, contributing to the attraction of young talents and the unification of various artistic directions of the city.

After the opening ceremony, all those present took part in the excursions conducted by the authors of the exhibitions on their expositions. The opening ceremony was completed with the performance of the participants of the new musical experimental project “Mokosh”, one of which is the artist Igor Shcherbakov, who is one of the authors of the exhibition.

It will be possible to visit the exhibition as part of excursions during the month from March 16 to April 20, 2018.

The visit will be carried out as part of excursions on schedule:

Thursday: from 17.00 to 19.00.
Sunday: from 12.00 to 14.00.

In addition, to visit the exhibition will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11.00 to 17.00 hours, subject to mandatory booking tours by phone: 8-961-028-10-74.

The cost of the excursion ticket is 50 rubles.

Exhibition project “the grace of God the artist”, dedicated to 105-th anniversary of V. S. Sorokin (12+)

March 15, 2018

March 22, 2018 at 16.00 PM on the third floor of the main building of the Voronezh regional art Museum. WAHM named after I. N. Kramskoy will host the opening of the exhibition project “the grace of God the artist”, dedicated to 105-th anniversary of artist V. S. Sorokin.

The name Victor Sorokin firmly entered the history of fine arts of Russia in the second half of the XX century. Amazing, sincere in his work, Viktor Semenovich had a strong artistic talent and devotion to their work.

The exhibition will feature thirty paintings from the collections of the Lipetsk regional art Museum and its branch-the Art Museum. V. S. Sorokin – The House Of The Master.

The works allow us to trace the evolution of the perception of the world and the creative manner of the painter from the 1950s to the last years of his life. The exhibition is dominated by landscape and still life – genres prevailing in the master’s painting.


Viktor Sorokin (1912-2001) – people’s artist of Russia, participant of many regional, all-Russian and all-Union exhibitions. He was awarded the order of the Red banner of labor for his contribution to domestic art (1971). Honorary title of people’s artist of Russia (1991).

V. S. Sorokin was born in pre-revolutionary Moscow. Early orphaned, survived the civil war and famine. The pupil of the orphanage and labor commune had the opportunity to do painting, his talent was noticed. A student of remarkable mentors-A. Gerasimov, I. Grabar, B. Johanson and others, who taught during his studies at the Moscow art Institute (1936-1945), he combined the traditions of Russian impressionism with modern artistic thinking.

The gift of a special perception of color, the gift of a colorist, founded from birth, became quite obvious for his fellow students, and for teachers. Victor Sorokin’s thesis “Samarkand landscape” was greeted with applause from the members of the State Commission, which was chaired by p. Konchalovsky. In 1945, the work was exhibited at the all-Union art exhibition. This was the basis for the adoption in 1946, V. S. Sorokin, to the Union of artists of the USSR. In 1948, the artist left Moscow and began teaching at the Yelets art school. After the dissolution of the school, Sorokin went to Lipetsk. The creation of the branch of the Union of artists of Russia in Lipetsk played an important role not only in the development of artistic culture of Lipetsk, but also in the fate of the painter. It was there that he blossomed and fully revealed his talent. Victor Sorokin showed a vivid example of creative freedom and loyalty to his choice. Sorokin’s disciples call themselves artists of several generations. Even during the life of the artist in the center of Lipetsk in 1992 was established Museum-workshop of the people’s artist Of Russia Vs Sorokin ” house of the Master.”

The exhibition will last until may 27, 2018.

The entrance fee for all categories of citizens is 50 rubles.

Master-class on creating colors of wool

March 12, 2018

A great gift for the international women’s day was a master class on the creation of flowers made of wool, which was held by Lyudmila Kashirsky in VOHM them. I. N. Archaeology 9 Mar. During the lesson the participants got acquainted with the technique of wet felting and made unique works with their own hands.

The exhibition project “Get” (12+)

March 7, 2018

March 15, 2018 at 17:00 hours at the site of the Voronezh regional art Museum. I. N. Archaeology in the Governor’s House (PR. Revolution, 22) will take place solemn opening of the exhibition “Backwater”.

The project includes four solo exhibitions in Voronezh artists: Elena Lesnikova, Victor Cyanide, Angelica Shkirenko and Igor Shcherbakov. Artists work in different styles and directions of contemporary art. Exhibition of works (painting, graphics, installations), not related to each other conceptually, under the General title “Backwaters”, referring to the metaphor of the wild rivers contemporary artistic production, which formed the hiding place for self-expression.


Angelica, Shkirenko – Voronezh artist, studied at the private Studio student of the Voronezh art school. Participant of regional and city exhibitions, in particular the exhibition “Opening horizons” (together with Elena Aleshnikova) in the Voronezh theater of young spectators in 2016. The artist’s works are presented in private collections in Russia.

Elena Aleshnikova-Voronezh artist, graduated from the Voronezh art school in 2011. She collaborated with the Voronezh chamber theatre and the young spectator theatre as an artist-decorator and production designer. Since 2010-participant of exhibitions in Voronezh, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The finalist of the competition artpreview 2012. Since 2014 he has been cooperating with Voronezh state academic drama theatre. A. V. Koltsov (artist-decorator). The artist’s works are presented in private collections of Russian collectors.

Cyanide, Victor F. – Voronezh painter, Illustrator, collaborates with leading publishers. He studied in the workshops of A. Zagorodny, E. Shcheglova, V. Shpakovsky, spouses Dikunov. Currently she is a master’s degree student in the direction of “Fine arts” of Voronezh state pedagogical University. Participant of regional exhibitions. The artist’s works are in private and corporate collections in Russia, CIS countries, Brazil.

Igor Shcherbakov is an artist. In 2016, he graduated from the Voronezh art College. Participant of the student international plein air in 2015, as well as a participant of regional and international exhibitions. He was awarded a diploma ” for loyalty to the traditions of realistic art “from the Council of rectors of the Voronezh region, the newspaper” Vuzovsky Vestnik ” and the Voronezh regional art Museum. I. N. Kramskoy. The works are in private collections in Canada, USA, Australia, England, Norway.

The exhibition will be open to the public during the month from 16 March to 20 April 2018. The visit will be carried out as part of excursions on schedule:

Thursday: from 17.00 to 19.00.
Sunday: from 12.00 to 14.00.

In addition, to visit the exhibition will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11.00 to 17.00 hours, subject to mandatory booking tours by phone: 8-961-028-10-74.

The cost of the excursion ticket is 50 rubles.

As part of the exhibition author’s excursions will be held (information will be presented on the official website of the Museum and Museum groups in social networks).

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