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Priestess Mummy Cover

September 7, 2017

Creation period:
11-7 centuries. BC.
Material, technique:
tree, pieces, painting
The size:
160x30x9 cm
Place of creation:
Ancient Egypt. Thebes
Number on MIC (KP):
Inventory number:


Master class on animation from the studio “Telescope” on City (over 7 years old)

September 6, 2017

September 16, 2017, on City Day, the Art Museum invites to a master class on animation, which participants can become children from 7 years old and their parents.

Master class is conducted by the teacher of the screen creation studio “Telescope” Olesya Skorobogatova.

The master class will present an opportunity:

– to develop an author’s script, which will become a fragment of the cartoon;

– create your cartoon character in the technique of a paper puppet (which you can take home);

– to work as animators (participants will “revive” their cartoons with the help of an animation machine).

The result of the master class will be a joint animation film, which will supplement the personal collection of each participant, as well as be presented on the official website of the museum for public viewing.

The cost of visiting the master class (1 person) – 250 rubles (150 rubles – the cost of admission ticket, 100 rubles – the cost of materials).

Location: lecture hall

Time: 13.00 – 15.00.

Registration for the master class on preliminary applications by phone: 255-50-81 (Wednesday-Sunday)

Thematic studies for schoolchildren and students “Museum stories” (over 7 years old)

September 6, 2017

Dear friends!

In the new academic year, we are waiting for you on thematic studies “Museum stories”!

Information on the seven stories under the link: https://mkram.ru/ru/muzej/muzej-detyam/tematicheskie-muzejnye-zanyatiya/

Behind the red line

September 7, 2017

From April 17 to May 24 in the exhibition hall of Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I. Kramskoy will host the exhibition “Behind the Red Line”, which presents works by Russian painters of the first half of the XX century from the collection of the Yaroslavl Art Museum.

The exposition presents 40 paintings from the 1920s – 1950s from the collection of the Yaroslavl Art Museum, 22 of which are exhibited for the first time. At the exhibition, visitors will be able to see the works of “goluborozovtsev” P.Kuznetsov, A.Arapov and N.Ulyanov; “Bubnovovaleetsev” R. Falk, I. Mashkov, P. Konchalovsky, V. Rozhdestvensky, A. Kuprin, A. Osmyorkin; “Russian Impressionists” by K. Korovin, K. Yuon, A. Rylov; the battalist N.Samokish and others. All of them were successful and recognized by the public and criticism, they participated in major creative associations and exhibitions of the beginning of the 20th century, their work became a textbook for the history of Russian art. Creativity of these masters in the Soviet period is less known to a wide audience.

The exhibition of the Yaroslavl Art Museum “Behind the Red Line” makes you think about the development of Russian art in a complex post-revolutionary era. The cost of admission: 50 -100 rub.

Moscow artists TA. Mavrina and N.V. Kuzmin

September 7, 2017

March 26 at 16.00 on the third floor of the permanent exhibition will be the opening of the exhibition from the collection of the State Museum A. Pushkin “Moscow artists TA Mavrina and N. V. Kuzmin.” The exhibition of works by artists is unique. Both artists at various times illustrated the works of Alexander Pushkin and gained fame and recognition due to these works.

The exposition presents more than 70 works by artists of the 1930-1970s from the collection of the State Pushkin Museum.

Other art. The catalog of the exhibition of alternative art of the 1930s-1990s from the VOKHM named after M.Sh. I.Kramskogo

September 7, 2017

COMPOSERS: E. Krutinina, E. Pshenitsyna, O.A. Ryabchikov / under the general. EDITORIAL V.D. DOBROMIROV

The catalog presents works of painting and graphics of unofficial fine arts of more than twenty authors whose work, according to their content and style, is consonant with the innovative method of Andrei Platonov.

The exhibition is timed to coincide with the days of the Second International Platonov Festival of Arts.

Dorpat – Yuryev – Tartu and Voronezh: the history of University collections

September 6, 2017

PUBLISHER: “ILMAMAA”. – 2006 – 390С. FIG.

This catalogue is dedicated to the collection, which is now in Voronezh and representing art collection, the history of which begins in 1803 with the opening of the Museum of arts of the University of Tartu.

This publication will be interesting to art historians, historians, and people interested in the history of the Voronezh regional art Museum. I. N. Kramskoy.


Sculpture of color – painting by Natella Toidze

September 7, 2017

Natella Toidze is one of the well-known artists who are in demand today, having their spectators and admirers, and not only in the capital’s cultural circles. In the last few years, its large, retrospective exhibitions have successfully passed in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, Paris, Vologda, Saransk, Nizhny Novgorod.

Natella Toidze possesses a recognizable author’s handwriting and a high pictorial culture, embedded in the family, for several generations associated with art. To this artistic dynasty belonged the grandfather of the artist, Mose Toidze – a painter, a pupil of Ilya Repin, one of the founders of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, father, Georgy Toidze, a well-known sculptor and graphic artist, and uncle, poster Irakli Toidze, author of the famous poster “Rodina- mother calls. ” Among the first women – professional painters of Russia was the grandmother of the artist, Alexander Soutine, who graduated from the Orthodox iconography class of the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg.

N.Toidze was born and grew up in Moscow, where she graduated from the faculty of theatrical and decorative art (the course of T.Selvinskaya) of the Moscow Academic Art School in memory of 1905. Studying at this faculty allowed N. Toidze to discover a new understanding of the space and scale of the canvas. In her professional development, the traditions of the Moscow Painting School became fundamental. At the same time, the artist mentions her father as the first and main teacher: having allowed her to work in her studio on a par with students, since childhood Georgiy Toidze has set serious creative tasks before his daughter, including sculptural ones. Choosing easel painting, over the years she successfully works in different genres: landscape, still-life, portrait, writes allegorical compositions.

Since 1973, Natella Toidze has regularly participated in Moscow, All-Union and All-Russian exhibitions. In 1984 she joined the Union of Artists of the USSR. In 2004, after a solo exhibition at the Russian Academy of Arts, she was awarded the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. Since 2007, Natella Toidze is a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, since 2011 she has been a full member of the Russian Academy of Arts. Participated in exhibitions at the State Museum in Beijing, Lincoln Center in New York, in Lisbon, etc.

Natella Toidze’s works are distinguished by an individual, established author’s handwriting, a high pictorial culture, incorporating the traditions of Russian and Georgian art schools. A characteristic feature of N.Toidze’s work is the indispensable presence in her painting of a dramatic beginning, which is evident even with high decorative, pronounced ornamental paintings (“Wild Grapes”, “Early Summer”).

The current exhibition includes both the early works of N. Toidze, and the newly created paintings. The landscapes painted in the pasty “temperamental” manner, the close painting of the “Jack of Diamonds” and complicated by composition, exquisite still lifes coexist with the restrained landscapes of the middle zone of Russia (“Moskovskiy dvorik”, polyptych “Northern mallow”) in color.

The creative method of the artist is work by all means from nature, where she creates landscapes, still lifes, portraits. In the last decade, N. Toidze often chooses a large format of canvases, and at any time of the year he writes them not in the studio, but exclusively in the open air, despite the technical difficulties of performing such works. In such paintings, the author’s special ability to emphasize the poetry of everyday life is clearly visible, it is picturesque to generalize it and to show the world from an unusual point of view, turning it into a complex pattern (Augustus, Before the Snow).

The underlined, even somewhat hyperbolized decorativism, which evokes associations with the European art of the era of symbolism, is characteristic of another layer of N.Toidze’s works – metaphorical compositions (diptych “Flora and Fauna”, diptych “Entract”).

The exhibition presents more than 60 works by Natella Toidze from the collection of the author, the Russian Academy of Arts and private collections. The exhibition includes both early works created in the 1970s and recently written. The exposition includes all genres in which the artist works – landscape, still life, allegorical paintings. The works of Natella Toidze are in museums and private collections in Russia, as well as in private collections in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Finland, the USA.

The cost of admission is 100 rubles.

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