The lighting equipment was replaced in the museum


Lighting equipment has been replaced in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy. The renewal took place thanks to the national project “Culture”.

On two floors of the museum’s exhibition hall, old lighting fixtures were completely dismantled and new busbars and track LED spotlights were installed. After several days of technical work, the hall was illuminated by the light of more than 150 new lamps.

Up to 20 multi-genre exhibitions are held annually in the museum’s exhibition hall. Temporary exhibitions include both works from the collection of the Voronezh Museum and paintings from the collections of the largest Russian museums. Special lighting plays a significant role in the visitor’s perception of the exhibition as a whole. It allows you to emphasize the uniqueness of each exhibit, place certain semantic accents and form the space of the exposition itself.

“Good museum lighting should not only meet aesthetic requirements and be comfortable for the audience, but also meet certain technical requirements for the exhibition of museum objects. The lighting system, which was installed in the exhibition hall 15 years ago, has now ceased to meet the changing requirements. The new lighting equipment will make it more profitable to present exhibition projects and will be safe and careful for the exhibits” – Oksana Lepneva, head of the exposition and exhibition Department of the museum.