An exhibition from the series "Peers of the museum". Picture E. Eliseeva's "Self-Portrait"


In 2023, the Voronezh Regional Art Museum celebrates its 90th anniversary. This event is dedicated to a series of exhibitions under the general title “Peers of the Museum”, which will present paintings from our collections created in 1933, the year the museum was founded.

Very little is known about the artist Elizaveta Izmailovna Eliseeva, whose self-portrait is presented at the exhibition. She was born in Dorogobuzh, Smolensk region. She studied the art of the artist at the Higher Art and Technical Workshops (VKHUTEMAS), where she met the artist Fyodor Semenov-Amursky. After graduation, in 1930, the creative couple created a family.

Elizaveta Eliseeva devoted her whole life to her husband, becoming his assistant and faithful companion. They lived modestly, in a small communal apartment in Moscow, without taking an active part in the artistic life of the capital. The work of Elizabeth Eliseeva, like her spouse, was greatly influenced by the French Impressionists and Russian modernists of the twenties.  Semenov-Amursky wrote a lot, but did not exhibit, because in 1946 he was accused of formalism and expelled from the Union of Artists.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Eliseeva and Semenov-Amursky repeatedly traveled to Goryachy Klyuch, where there were creative dachas that attracted artists and writers from different parts of the country with their picturesque nature and unique sights. The exhibition will also feature watercolor landscapes by Elizaveta Izmailovna, painted in the open air in a Hot Key, and still lifes.

After the death of her husband in 1980, Elizaveta Eliseeva became the curator and propagandist of his creative heritage, thanks to which a rich collection of paintings by F. Semenov-Amursky and several works by Ye. appeared in the funds of the Voronezh Art Museum. Eliseeva.

You can get acquainted with the exhibition in the hall of Soviet painting with a ticket to the permanent exhibition of the museum.

The exhibition will run from March 21 to April 30, 2023.

E.I. Eliseeva
Self-portrait. 1933
E.I. Eliseeva
February 8, 1932. Moscow
E.I. Eliseeva and F.V. Semenov-Amursky
Spring 1928. On the roof of the Institute
E.I. Eliseeva and F.V. Semenov-Amursky
March 1972
E.I. Eliseeva
Hot key. 1965
E.I. Eliseeva
Roses. Still life. 1957