The winners of the inclusive creative contest "I am an artist — I see it this way" were awarded in Moscow


On October 8, the Moscow Museum hosted the awarding of the winners of the All—Russian inclusive creative contest “I am an artist – I see it this way” for children and young people with disabilities, their brothers and sisters aged 6 to 20 years, organized by the ANO “Ferris Wheel”.

This year, the Voronezh Regional Art Museum became a partner of the competition for the first time.

The theme of the contest “I am an artist — that’s how I see it” this year was “The City in Art”. In total, more than 700 works were accepted for participation in the competition, in which young artists showed their favorite cities, creating interpretations of famous works of art from the collections of world museums. The best 96 works were selected by a jury from 32 leading museums in Russia.

The winners were awarded with the participation of Anna Trapkova, director of the Moscow Museum, Ekaterina Shuvaeva, director of the ANO “Ferris Wheel”, as well as Alexey Kortnev, leader of the Accident group and a long-time friend of the competition.

A one-day pop art exhibition of the winners’ works curated by Polina Zhurakovskaya was organized especially for the award ceremonies. The winners came from all over the country — from St. Petersburg, Kazan, Ufa, Krasnodar Krai, Makhachkala, Irkutsk, Tula, Ivanovo and Nizhny Novgorod regions. An online ceremony was held for the winners who could not attend the event at the museum.

It will be possible to see the works of the winners of the competition from November 27 at the Museum of Moscow — on this day the exhibition “Me and the City” will open here. The exhibition will also feature works by participants of the creative laboratory of the Museum of Moscow and the ANO “Ferris Wheel” “I and the City”. The laboratory allowed the participants to master new artistic methods: photography, collage, assemblage and installation. The classes were conducted by Russian artists Alexey Abanin, Irina Korina, Oleg Eliseev and Evgeny Kukoverov from the art group “Elikuka”.

The winners of the competition from the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy:

  • Nina Perepechko, 8 years old. “Sunny Kostroma Square” (Inspiration – P.I. Petrovichev. On a sunny day. Kostroma. 1913)
    Gleb Chekutov, 12 years old. “Over Moscow” (Inspiration – V.I. Surikov. View of the Kremlin. 1913)
  • Kirill Rudik, 14 years old. “Moscow” (Inspiration – A.V. Lentulov. The firmament (Decorative Moscow). 1915)
  • Special prize “For attention to detail”: Timofey Kryukov, 13 years old. “Birthday in the city courtyard” (Inspiration – N.S. Goncharova “Composition with factory pipes)