Paintings from the museum's collection are presented at an exhibition in Moscow


On June 9, the exhibition “Points of View” began work at the Museum of Russian Impressionism (Moscow).

The project “Points of View” presents an original curatorial idea of comparing self—portraits and portraits of artists of the late XIX – early XX century. A difficult and eventful time, a lot of opposing stylistic groupings and associations, the collapse of the old ideology and the birth of new ideas led to an active search for portrait imagery.

The exhibition offers to trace how the artist portrays himself and how he appears to his contemporaries — painters, graphic artists, sculptors.

Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy provided 2 works from its collection for the exhibition:

E.A. Kiseleva “The artist with a green vase. Self-portrait”
L.K. Antonov “Portrait of E.A. Kiseleva”

The exhibition also includes works by Ilya Repin, Boris Kustodiev, Robert Falk, Zinaida Serebryakova, Alexander Rodchenko and other authors.

The exhibition project “Points of View” will last until October 2, 2022.

Photo from the archives of the Museum of Russian Impressionism and the I.N. Kramskoy Museum of Fine Arts.

* Elena Andreevna Kiseleva (1878-1974) was born in Voronezh in the family of mathematician Andrey Petrovich Kiselev. Having received her initial art education at the school of L.G. Solovyov, she continued her studies at the Imperial Academy of Arts (workshop of I.E. Repin). For the painting “Brides. Trinity Day” received the title of artist. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Elena Kiseleva continued her studies in Paris, becoming the first pupil of the Academy to be awarded the right to a business trip abroad.

In Paris, she got acquainted with various trends and trends in contemporary art, which were reflected in a peculiar way in the pictorial and compositional structure of the works executed subsequently. Portraits occupied a special place in Elena Kiseleva’s work.

Together with her son Arseny and her husband Anton Bilimovich, she left Russia in 1921 and lived in Belgrade (Serbia) for the rest of her life.

The exposition of the exhibition "Points of view"
E.A. Kiseleva
An artist with a green vase. Self - portrait
L.K. Antonova
Portrait of E.A. Kiseleva