The museum opened an interactive exhibition "Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci"


January 27 at the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy hosted the opening of the interactive exhibition “Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci”. The organizer of the exhibition is the Mask of Time company (Moscow).

Oksana Lepneva, acting director of the museum, presented the exhibition, noting that the name of Leonardo da Vinci, a multifaceted genius who was several centuries ahead of his era, is perhaps familiar to absolutely everyone. Every museum dreams of such an exhibition being presented within its walls. The Voronezh Art Museum was lucky in this regard. The exhibition is the result of many years of research into the work of Russian masters who recreated the mechanisms and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci according to his drawings. Almost every exhibit can and even needs to be touched, which is not typical for a museum. Acquaintance with Leonardo da Vinci the artist is possible thanks to the reproductions of all his famous paintings presented at the exhibition. Each exhibit is accompanied by a description, which makes acquaintance with the exhibition understandable and convenient. And for those who wish to visit the exhibition accompanied by a guide, weekend excursions are available.

“I am sure that the exhibition will become a real event for the visitors of our museum!” – the representative of the museum finished her speech.

The representative of the Mask of Time company, exhibition curator Dmitry Sukharenok, in his welcoming speech, noted that if every museum dreams of an exhibition opening in it, then in turn, every exhibition dreams of being in such a good hall as in the Voronezh Art Museum. The exhibition of inventions of the great Leonardo travels to different cities of Russia and has already visited many places. And, of course, Voronezh and the Voronezh region are lucky to have such a wonderful museum located in a beautiful historical building and having such an exhibition hall.

“Just as the museum complex combines the historical and progressive part, so our exhibition combines the history of Leonardo’s works and the modern approach to museum and exhibition business,” the project curator emphasized.

After the official opening, the curator of the project held a tour of the exhibition for all visitors, during which he clearly demonstrated the work of the exhibits presented at it.