The museum opened an exhibition "0.8"


December 17, 2021 at the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy, the opening of the exhibition “0.8” took place.

The exhibition presents 8 works created by 8 members of the creative association “AzArt”: Olga Anokhina, Irina Bobrova, Natalia Gorsheneva, Olga Elchaninova, Alevtina Ryzhkova, Natalia Khodeeva, Victor Tsiryanidi, Olga Ivannikova. The project dedicated to the 155th anniversary of Wassily Kandinsky and the Russian Avant-garde in general is educational in nature.

The paintings of the participants were based on canvases by Russian and Western European artists, presented in the permanent exhibition of the Voronezh Art Museum. Each author creatively rethought the selected work in the spirit of avant-garde artists and created his own work of authorship. Before embarking on the implementation of the idea, the participants did a lot of painstaking work on the study of artistic materials, the choice of “close” to each avant-garde artist, in the style of which a new canvas was created.

The participant of the exhibition Viktor Tsiryanidi called the exposition “an exhibition – a quote”, since “AzArtovites” cite classical authors, endowing them with their own meaning.

Irina Bobrova stressed that the project is bold, which, in fact, was the avant-garde. It was also noted that the exhibition was included in the Pushkinskaya Karta project, which makes it accessible to young people from 14 to 22 years old, who will certainly like this daring experiment.

The project participants addressed separate words of gratitude to the artist Alexei Zagorodnykh, who not only put his workshop at their disposal, but also helped with advice and guidance. In response, Alexey Vladimirovich noted that the exhibition was done with dignity, in each work one can feel the emotions that accompanied the birth of the paintings. He also thanked the artists, not only for their patience and attention to advice, but also for showing firmness and independence in the course of work.

The chairman of the board of the Voronezh branch of the Union of Artists of Russia Alexei Smirnov congratulated the members of the association on the exhibition and noted that, observing the work of the authors, he sees the growth of their skills.

In conclusion, the artists thanked everyone present and announced the birth of new, no less “revolutionary” projects that can surprise and delight the audience in the near future.

The exhibition will run until January 16, 2022.