Online lecture "Willems de Wet the Elder" Procession to Calvary "


On December 24, at 12.00 o’clock, an online lecture “Willems de Vet the Elder“ Procession to Calvary ”(from the series“ On the attribution of one picture. Before and after … ”) will take place in the VKontakte museum group.

A true gem of the collection of 17th century Dutch painting at the Voronezh Kramskoy Museum is the painting of the Harlem artist Jacobs Willems de Weth the Elder “Procession to Calvary”, made using the oil painting technique on wood. Since 1933, the work has been on display in a permanent exhibition in a special box on which the word “REMBRANDT” is written in capital Latin letters, arousing the keen interest of both specialists and a wide range of spectators. In this regard, the history of the study of the painting, which continues to the present time, is indicative.

Why was the authorship of Rembrandt supplied by the staff of the State Hermitage I.V. Linnik and Yu.I. Kuznetsov questioned? Which work of Willems de Weth the Elder is stylistically and compositionally close to the “Voronezh painting” and in which European collection is it presented?
You can get answers to these and other questions at the museum lecture.

Lecturer – Senior Researcher of the Valery Meremianina.

* Cover photo – Jacobs Willems de Wet the Elder “Procession to Calvary. © VOKHM them. I.N. Kramskoy