Online lecture «A.E. Arkhipov at the turn of eras»


On November 3, at 12.00 pm, the museum will conduct an online broadcast of the lecture “A.E. Arkhipov at the turn of the epochs “dedicated to the work of the Russian painter, itinerant Abram Efimovich Arkhipov.

The broadcast will take place in the VKontakte museum group.

Abram Efimovich Arkhipov (1862-1930) – a native of a poor peasant family, thanks to work and perseverance, achieved the highest titles of the artist. Continuing the peasant genre, he reduced the social acuteness in it and approached the person himself, to the search for a national type, moving from the genre to the portrait. The famous “Washerwomen”, written by him at the turn of the century, were a turning point in his work, combining radically different trends of the time and the artist’s interests. Through the crisis and searches, Abram Arkhipov created a series of “red peasant women” of the 1910s-1920s, which repeatedly visited exhibitions in Russia and abroad, and in 1924, at the International Exhibition in Venice, his “Young mistress” was the first purchased work in Soviet pavilion.

At the lecture, you will learn how Arkhipov transformed the peasant genre, what kind of artistic revolution took place in his realistic painting, and why the artist’s works, among the “junior Itinerants”, were not always allowed to the exhibitions of the Association.

Lecturer – the museum’s guide Daria Frolova.