Lecture “Earth and people living on it. Peter Ossovsky "


August 29 at 15.00 o’clock in the VOKhM them. I.N. Kramskoy within the framework of the exhibition “Back to the USSR. From “thaw” to “perestroika”. Art 1960-1980. ” a lecture “The Earth and the people living on it. Peter Ossovsky “, dedicated to the work of one of the founders of the” severe style “.

Petr Pavlovich Ossovsky is a Soviet, Russian painter. People’s Artist of the USSR, Laureate of the USSR State Prize. One of the founders of the “severe style” – a trend that appeared in Russian art in the early 1960s. The artists of this direction glorified the fate of the common man, his will and energy.

P.P. Ossovsky devoted his entire life to art dedicated to the significant dates of Russia, its heroic and tragic pages, Russian people and native land. The artist found his spiritual home in the ancient land of the Pskov region with its pristine beauty and harsh epic grandeur, amazing nature and courageous people. Inspired by Russian antiquity, turning to cultural roots, the artist found his own plot, which he developed from the mid-1970s to the present day, without repeating or getting tired. These are historical, cult monumental architectural structures against the backdrop of the unshakable firmament.

“As long as my hand is able to hold a brush and a pen, they will actively talk about what worries me and what I want to tell people,” said Pyotr Ossovsky.

Lecturer – Head. scientific and educational department of the museum Larisa Kitaeva.

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The cost is 150 rubles.