The cycle of master classes «Acquaintance with graphics» is over


In the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy completed a series of lessons «Acquaintance with graphics» from the Voronezh artist Victoria Afanasyev.

In the two summer months, the participants in the series of meetings met with artistic materials and basic concepts of graphic art – form, volume, composition, the golden ratio. Thanks to the master classes, emerging artists have learned how painting differs from graphics, felt the process of creating a work, mastered the techniques of work with various materials – watercolor, charcoal, pencil, sanguine.

The first meeting «Landscape with Watercolors», held on June 16, allowed museum guests to create a summer mountain landscape filled with air and space.

The second master class «Drawing colors with coal from life» (June 30) suggested looking at familiar objects from a different angle, focusing on the harmony of proportional relationships and the diversity of natural forms on the example of a bouquet of flowers.

The third lesson «Still Life with a Pencil», in which participants were introduced to such concepts as composition and proportions of the golden section in natural (natural) forms, was held on July 14. Under the guidance of a mentor, everyone was able to create a still life from a sprig, shells, and bird feather, as well as learn about the principles of volume imaging and working with a simple pencil.

The final master-class «Drawing the hand with a sanguine» (July 21) opened for beginning artists one of the oldest drawing tools – the sanguine, and the principles of depicting the human body, namely, the hand. Participants in practice mastered the techniques of imaging a volumetric shape, correct proportions of elements and structures, as well as hand positions in perspective.

The cycle of lessons «Acquaintance with graphics» turned into an exciting series of meetings that helped novice artists discover a new magical world of artistic creativity.