Opening of exhibitions of the Platonov Art Festival in an art museum


June 1 in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy in the framework of the IX International Platonic Arts Festival, the opening of two exhibition projects took place at once.

The opening of the exhibition “Circle of Artists” began with the words of the artistic director of the festival, Mikhail Bychkov, that the first festival day and the festival as a whole actually began with this exhibition. Words of gratitude were addressed to the State Russian Museum, which is not the first time cooperating with the festival and the Voronezh Museum. “The exhibition not only presents the works of fantastic masters – contemporaries of Andrey Platonov, but also gives them the opportunity to see the era when the writer lived and worked” – Mikhail Bychkov stressed.

Director Vokhm them. I.N. Kramskoy Olga Ryabchikova noted that for the museum the presentation of the exhibition projects of the festival is, of course, a responsible and honorable mission, and also wished all those present vivid impressions of viewing.

The curator of the exhibition, Candidate of Art History, Natalia Kozyreva, head of the drawing department of the State Russian Museum, introduced the concept of an exhibition project representing works from the St. Petersburg Museum collection. She also noted the diversity of the works presented, since the work of the authors themselves differed from each other, because each of them worked in his own style and style. Many kind words were said about the Voronezh Museum, which has already become a traditional venue for holding exhibitions of the festival.

The evening continued with the opening of the exhibition “Michel Sima. Geniuses in the workshops. Behind the scenes of the Parisian art scene”, presented by the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow and the Moscow House of Photography Museum.

Mikhail Bychkov noted that the exhibition is special, because it is not only about life, but also about art.

As the guest of honor at the opening of the exhibition was attended by the son of Michel Sima – Pierre Smazhevsky, who, despite various difficulties, was able to come to Voronezh and participate in the opening of the exhibition of his father’s works. Pierre noted the connection of generations between French and Russian artists, and also expressed his gratitude to the museums of Moscow, Voronezh and the Platonov Festival.

The curator of the photo exhibition Alisa Labas introduced the guests of the exhibition with some facts from the biography of Michel Sima and spoke about how the exhibition project was created. She noted that thanks to the works of Michel Sima, who depicted the masters of the “Paris School”, the current viewer will be able to look into the holy of holy artists – in their workshops.

At the end of the opening, guests and curators gave an interview to the Voronezh media and answered questions from the audience.