Opening of the exhibition of works by the artist Nina Gaponova.


April 18, 2019 in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramsky opened the exhibition “Nina Gaponova. Small world in a cardboard frame.

At the opening of the exhibition, Olga Ryabchikova, director of the art museum, noted that theatrical-decorative art is a bright page in the history of Russian culture, and an exhibition of works by Nina Gaponova will certainly mark the beginning of a series of annual exhibitions devoted to theater artists. And not only to people who worked in the theater, but also to those who, while remaining painters, graphic artists, dedicated their works to the theater. In 2017, Nina Ivanovna Gaponova presented the Voronezh Museum to them. I.N. Kramskoy about 120 of his sketches to theatrical works, thereby making a significant contribution to the museum collection.

Maria Mazur, First Deputy Head of the Department of the Voronezh Region, emphasized that the exhibition of a beautiful artist, a wonderful woman whose fate was closely connected with Voronezh, Nina Gaponova, opens a series of events dedicated to the Year of Theater in Russia. Since it is absolutely impossible to imagine the Year of the Theater without an exhibition by a theater artist, whose eyes the viewer sees this or that production. Maria Alexandrovna thanked the Voronezh Museum for thanking the wonderful exhibition that launched the exhibition projects as part of the Year of the Theater, and wished all visitors to look into the theater through Nina Gaponova’s magical works.

Literary and theater critic, member of the Union of Theater Workers Nikolai Timofeev spoke about his personal acquaintance with Nina Gaponova and her work while working at the Voronezh Drama Theater. The artist, who had a great life experience, survived the blockade in Leningrad, devoted her life to beauty and fantasy. That is why in the works of Nina Ivanovna such a riot of colors and magical warmth, her creations are an art of great significance, which inspired a large number of people to understand and love the art of theater.

Theater artist, member of the union of theatrical figures Mikhail Viktorov shared his memories of his acquaintance with the artist and her work, and also spoke about the specifics and laws of creating theatrical works that involve the execution of a huge number of sketches, drawings, drawings, etc. And what is important, all this, in the absence of digital technology at that time, was created by theater masters manually.

At the end of the opening, the museum director Olga Ryabchikova conveyed to all guests of the exhibition a big hello from Nina Gaponova, who, unfortunately, could not be at the opening, but promised to visit Voronezh soon to meet her friends and admirers.