The exhibition «People and things. To the 100th anniversary of VGU»


13 September 2018 at the VOHM. I. N. Kramskoy inaugurated the exhibition “People and things. The 100th anniversary of the VGU”, dedicated to two significant dates – the 85th anniversary of WOHM them. I. N. Archaeology and the 100th anniversary of VGU.

The ceremony began with the student anthem “Gaudeamus” performed by the choir of students of the College of music. Rostropovich’s.

“Two dates, but one common history” – these words began his speech leading the ceremony – head.exposition and exhibition Department of the Museum Olga Ryabchikova. She told about the history of the appearance in Voronezh of one of the best Russian universities – Yuriev University, which included the Museum of antiquities and fine arts, which became the link between the art Museum and the Voronezh University. Olga Alexandrovna noted that the name of the exhibition “People and things” is symbolic, as the exhibition not only shows the items that were part of the University Museum, but also tells about the people who collected and stored these things and thanks to which they are presented today at the anniversary exhibition.

The head of the Department of professional art and art education of the Department of culture of the Voronezh region Alena Sergeeva congratulated all those present with the opportunity to take part in an extraordinary event. She noted that the exhibition is unique not only because it is dedicated to two bright dates, but also because it presents truly unique items, many of which are presented to the General public for the first time in a century. Alena Viktorovna expressed confidence that the exhibition will arouse great interest from visitors and strengthen the ties between the Museum and the University. Special thanks were given to the management and staff of the Museum for their high professionalism and active participation in the cultural activities of the region.

The rector of VGU Dmitry endovitsky addressed the audience with a welcoming speech, having told about events of 1918 when the provincial city of Voronezh received really Imperial gift-the European University with strong traditions, teachers and collections. Dmitry Alexandrovich stressed that it is difficult to overestimate the influence of the University on the urban environment, because it is very large, and that the University is proud of being the genetic ancestor of the art Museum. I. N. Kramskoy.

Among the speakers were also the head of the Department of culture of Voronezh Andrey Kharitonov and Professor Bronislav Tabachnikov, who joined the congratulations and addressed the anniversaries a lot of warm words.

The Museum also received congratulatory addresses from the state Russian Museum and the Russian Academy of arts.

The opening ended with a curatorial tour of one of the sections of the exposition devoted to the history Of the Museum of antiquities and fine arts, which was conducted by the scientific Secretary of the Museum Natalia Bakina.

The exhibition will run until 18 November 2018.