Exhibition "Kotlovan"


On June 7, the exhibition program of the Platonic Festival of Arts continued with the opening of the exhibition “The Pit,” in the Art Center, which was located on the site of the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy “House of the Governor”.

At the exhibition on the grounds of the iconic work of Andrei Platonov, paintings, objects and installations of one of the most active and famous contemporary Russian artists Mikhail Roshnyak are presented.

Painting earth, according to the master, is his creative credo. As for the central installation, it was created specifically for the festival and specifically for the exhibition hall of the Art Center. The author shared his impressions of the recent re-reading of Platonovsky’s The Pit, which resulted in a completely different feeling compared to the first acquaintance with the story in the 90s. And, as the master said: “Now everything is different in Voronezh, and the current” Pit “has no tragic tension, on the contrary, it has a certain life-affirming mood.”

With a welcoming speech to the audience asked the director of the Moscow gallery Aster Art Gallery Marina Shchelokova. She noted that the participation of one of the authors of the gallery, which is Mikhail Roshnyak, in such a significant cultural event as the Platonov Festival, is very responsible and honorable.

The artistic director of the festival Mikhail Bychkov congratulated the author and all those present with a wonderful cultural event, noting that the exhibition has a leisurely contemplation and reflection. In addition, Mikhail Vladimirovich announced a program of events of the Art Center, which will be held throughout the exhibition.

Immediately after the opening of the exhibition, the first event of the festival’s literary program took place. In the great hall Vanni Bianconi’s poem “He who is you” was held, presenting the work of one of the brightest young poets in Switzerland.