The museum hosted celebrations dedicated to the Children's Day


Throughout the whole working day, the museum staff conducted a game-broker “Wonderful Museum”, in which children of different ages took part. At the event, the participants “walked” through the museum with a special routing sheet, got acquainted with the main exposition, learned a lot of new things and answered questions about museum subjects using hints hidden in the pictures and labels of works of art.
The participants of the “brodilka” received many new impressions from visiting the exhibition halls, and also found interesting finds!

Also in the museum there was a thematic lesson on drawing “The Ancient Scroll”. Participants tried themselves as ancient Egyptian scribes. Everyone, using colors according to the picturesque traditions of Ancient Egypt, painted a scroll representing the ancient Egyptian deity.

For lovers of the country, Egypt and its culture passed the quest “Map of the treasure hunter”.

Also in the museum a poetic meeting with participants of the “Shakespeare” studio took place. The program included reading Shakespeare’s sonnets in Russian and English. Participants of the action were author dolls.