В музее состоялась презентация проекта «Трогательная история»


15 December 2017, at 12.00 in the Voronezh regional art Museum. I. N. Kramskoy took place the opening of the interactive zone with tactile exhibits designed specifically for visitors with visual impairments.

At the opening in addition to the Museum staff, was attended by many guests from various organizations of the city working with the disabled, the students of the Voronezh boarding school №6, readers the Voronezh regional special library for the blind them. V. G. Korolenko, representatives of the Voronezh media.

An introductory statement was made by Deputy Director of WOHM them. I. N. Of Archaeology Marina Chernova. She noted that this is a very important and necessary project is the result of joint work of WOHM them. I. N. Archaeology and RORTS “Accessible environment” held in the framework of the state program “Accessible environment”, spoke about the components of the “special” exposure in the form of 11 copies and tactile series of videoguides with a description of the sections and exhibits of the exposition of the Museum in sign language, noting that a package of such works in the Voronezh region were carried out for the first time.

Head of the scientific-educational Department of the Museum Larisa Kitaev noted the specificity of the exhibits and the lack of the same formats and stories in the exhibition, adding that it reflects almost all of the thematic departments of the Museum’s core exhibition. Larisa thanked the chief and staff of RORTS “Accessible environment” for joint work, stressing that this project brings together all people.

Alexander Popov, head of RORZ “Accessible environment” in his speech noted that the adaptation for people with special health in this Museum. I. N. Kramskoy is an example for other museums, and expressed the hope the visit to the exhibition a large number of people with impaired hearing and vision, which will give them a new emotional experience.

The Chairman of the Voronezh regional branch of all-Russian society for the blind, Natalia Chernikova said that this exhibition is the first step that will allow people with disabilities to enjoy art.

The head of the Voronezh regional branch of all-Russian society of the disabled, Sergei Bakhmetyev, stressed that the work on this project involved people with disabilities as no one else understand the specifics of tactile perception and expressed hope for further implementation of such projects.

The head of the tourist information centre of Voronezh Gennady Kid noted the importance of this event, not only within culture, but also in the development of tourism, thanked the creators for the project, to him also joined the representative of the Voronezh regional branch of all-Russian society of the deaf Tatyana Tokareva.

At the conclusion of the presentation the guests were shown one of videoredo created in the framework of the project, after which the guests could get acquainted with the presented exhibits.