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Reni Guido



Reni Guido is an Italian painter of the Bologna school, baroque master, graduate of the Bologna Academy of Arts, who became the conductor and heir of her pictorial tradition and pedagogical system. Directly Reni studied under Annibale Carracci, was, like his teacher, a fan of antiquity and Raphael.

After moving to Rome, Guido Reni helps Carracci in the frescoes of the Farnese Gallery, and also studies Caravaggio painting. After the death of the teacher in 1609, Guido Reni, having already gained fame, will become in fact the head of the picturesque school of Rome, the central figure in the circle of Bolognese masters working here.

The influence of the picturesque manner of Caravaggio was reflected in many works by Guido Reni, including in the famous canvas “Beating the Babies”. Dynamic composition and drama, theatricality and decorativeness are inherent in this work. A particularly expressive figure of a mother with a baby in her arms, with a cry escaping from the murderer, with a knife.

Throughout his creative work Reni will remain faithful to his style, based on a rich palette of bright cold colors and dynamic composition. Although over time, the painter’s manner of painting will become more subtle: the colors will become more transparent, the images more sad and tender.

Guido Reni became one of the models for imitation in the system of European academic studies in the XVII-XIX centuries, as the most faithful follower of the classic principle of combining idealization and naturalness. The art of Guido Reni had a great influence on the masters of academic direction in European art.