Press conference on the exhibition "Image of Nefertiti" on May 16, 2017


May 16, before the opening of the exhibition “Image of Nefertiti” the author of the project, the famous Russian Egyptologist Viktor Solkin, the director of the library named after M.A. Voloshin Sergey Anatolyevich Kupriyanov and the head of the exposition department of the VOKHM them. I.N. Kramskoy Olga Alexandrovna Ryabchikova spoke with the press.

“Descriptive aimless. Watch! “- wrote in his diary German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt, when in 1912 he discovered the sculptural portrait of Queen Nefertiti.

In December 2016, based on a three-dimensional scan performed at the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, a team of masters led by the artist Eduard Agapov and the famous Russian Egyptologist Victor Solkin created a high-precision copy of the sculptural portrait of Nefertiti, recognized as the best of the existing copies of the great masterpiece that never leaves museum in Berlin. The image of Nefertiti is included in the permanent exposition of the famous Russian center of Egyptology and Oriental Studies – M.A. Voloshin CBS CAO (Moscow) and will not leave it. An exception is made only for Voronezh, with which the authors of the project are associated with long-standing friendly and professional ties.

“The work is based on high-precision three-dimensional scanning of the original in the Berlin museum. We got a digital file, then the data got bodily form thanks to the help of a Russian military plant. The first model was made, on the basis of which an image of gypsum was cast. In August of last year, work began, which we entrusted to a remarkable Moscow artist, sculptor Eduard Agapov, who specializes in recreating historical interiors and reconstructing monuments with lost fragments. In the process of work it became clear that, despite the fact that the file sent was very accurate, according to the decision of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which owns the original, it had “blind” places: in the nape of the neck and in the region of the lips. Eduard Agapov managed to overcome this. Then began the most complicated technical process of painting. I wanted to recreate not only colors, not only all the losses that are in the original monument, but also the texture. And it turned out so precisely that the Egyptian thickness of pigments was taken into account. For example, the red color is always transparent, this is an easy brushstroke, but the blue-green pigment is dense pads, because it is initially very viscous, “said the Egyptologist, the author of the project, Victor V. Solkin.

“We see a copy in front of us. But in this case it does not matter. Culture abounds with examples, when copy monuments become independent works of art of world significance. For example, it is the altar of Gentile da Fabriano exhibited in the museum of I.N. Kramskoy, which is a copy made by an unknown artist. In the case of the sculptural portrait of Nefertiti, we are dealing with a brilliantly interpreted original, “- said the head of the exposition department of the VOKHM named after. I.N. Kramskoy Olga Alexandrovna Ryabchikova.

“Our visitors, readers, listeners, who are accustomed to that in the library named after M.A. Voloshin exhibits original monuments, highly appreciated this sculptural portrait, the quality of the work, “- said the director of the library named after M.A. Voloshin Sergey Anatolyevich Kupriyanov.

Initially, it was planned that the exhibition “Image of Nefertiti” will work until June 10, but it was decided to extend the exposure of the sculptural portrait of the queen until June 18.

Visit the exhibition “The image of Nefertiti” can be from May 18. Thanks to the structure of the exposition, visitors will have the opportunity to view the sculpture portrait of the queen in every detail.