Report on the celebration of the 71st anniversary of the Great Victory


On May 6, on the eve of Victory Day celebrations, a thematic interactive lesson “Memorable May” was held in the museum for pupils of the private school “School № 40 of JSC” RZD “. During the lesson, the children learned about the memorable places in Voronezh connected with the events of the Great Patriotic War, got acquainted with the real relics of the war times (provided by the museum of history of the Ukrainian State Aviation University and the Great Patriotic War), their history and purpose. The excursion around the exhibition “They fought for their Motherland!” Was over.

On May 9, on the day of the Great Victory Day, documentary films devoted to the heroic defense and liberation of Voronezh from the Nazi invaders were demonstrated in the exhibition hall for all visitors to the museum and a slideshow “Kinds of Voronezh military, photographs of the Great Patriotic War period” was demonstrated.

For family visitors in the lecture hall of the museum the thematic lesson “Memorable May” was held. All the spectators were able to become participants in a virtual tour of the memorable places of our city connected with military events and had the opportunity to “see” the military Voronezh through the eyes of front-line artists Vladimir Bogatkin and Vitaly Demidov, whose works from the VOKHM collection them. I.Kramskogo are unique historical evidence of the true tragedy of the city in the years. In addition, the audience was given the opportunity to get acquainted with the relics of the Great Patriotic War, learn their history and purpose.

On a festive day, as part of the exhibition of works by the artist A.M. Shilov “They fought for their country!” There were thematic excursions. The exhibition, on which the canvases depicting the images of people who put all the most precious things on the “Altar of the Fatherland”, can be considered a chronicle of the heroic generation. Thematic excursions, conducted by the museum staff, made it possible to exhaustively describe the heroic deeds of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.