The museum opened the exhibition of Meer Axelrod "The German Occupation"


On the eve of Victory Day, the museum opened an exhibition of graphics by Meer Axelrod “The German Occupation” (12+). Most of the works were created in 1942-1943: the paintings appeared to be “copied” from the stories of refugees from Poland and Belarus about the atrocities taking place in the occupied territories. The purpose of this exhibition is not only to tell visitors about the difficult days for our country, but also to preserve the memory of the martyrdom and heroism of the people of the USSR, who faced the horrors of occupation and concentration camps in those years.

The exposition presented about 50 graphic works by Meer Axelrod. Among them, the painting “Prisoner” is the only lifetime portrait of the leader of the legendary uprising in the Nazi death camp Sobibor Alexander Pechersky.

The collection presented at the exhibition is a unique artistic testimony to the martyrdom and heroism of the peoples of the USSR in the territories occupied by the Nazis.

The exhibition is provided by the Alexander Pechersky Memorial Foundation.

The exhibition will be open until May 21, 2023.

Tickets are available on the Pushkin map.