September 27th. The museum has opened an exhibition of paintings by Alexander Bogdanov


On September 27, an exhibition of Alexander Mikhailovich Bogdanov, a painter and a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, opened in a friendly atmosphere in the small exhibition hall of the museum. Colleagues, students, friends, family, members of the Union of Artists of Russia, the association of artists of the Bobrovsky district “Club of Creativity”, the director of the Bobrovsky Museum of Local Lore Elena Dmitrievna Stepanova, as well as the Head of the Department of Culture of the administration of the Bobrovsky municipal district Irina Vasilyevna Diyanova came to greet Alexander Bogdanov.

The exhibition includes more than 40 paintings created in different years. A number of the artist’s works are dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and the feat of the Soviet people in defeating the enemy. A significant place in Bogdanov’s work is occupied by the history of the Horseradish Stud Farm. The pictures dedicated to the evacuation of the stud farm during the Great Patriotic War are imbued with special drama: “Evacuation of the Orel trotters”, “Evacuation of the Orel trotters across the Volga”.

Alexander Bogdanov opened the exhibition together with senior researcher of the Exposition and Exhibition Department Yulia Ryndina and Director of the Bobrovsky Museum of Local Lore Elena Stepanova.

Yulia Alexandrovna, on behalf of the Voronezh Art Museum, congratulated Alexander Mikhailovich not only on the opening of a wonderful exhibition, but also on the past anniversary of the artist. In 2023, Alexander Mikhailovich celebrated his seventieth birthday.

Director of the Bobrovsky Museum of Local Lore Elena Dmitrievna clarified that it is especially important that the artist’s work is appreciated not only by residents of the district, but also by other cities, as well as real professionals in their field.

After the opening remarks, Alexandrov Bogdanov thanked everyone who came to the exhibition, and also admitted that he would never have coped without the support of his loved ones. The artist wished everyone a pleasant viewing and noted that he would definitely answer the questions of the guests.

The exhibition will run from September 27 to October 8 and will be located on the 3rd floor of the museum.

Ticket price: 
Entrance ticket – 200 rubles.
Discounted ticket (schoolchildren, pensioners, students) – 150 rubles.
(Available on the Pushkin map)