Exhibition from the series "Opening funds": "Author's Soviet ceramics" (0+)


The exhibition «Author’s Soviet ceramics» will present more than 30 dining and decorative items made of porcelain, earthenware and chamotte of the second half of the twentieth century from the funds of the I.N. Kramskoy VOHM. The names of famous sculptors and painters who could work at various porcelain and ceramic factories, but not be silenced in their noise and roar, will come to the fore of the exhibition.

Animalism in porcelain plastic was very popular in the XIX century and became even more widespread in the XX century. Artists and sculptors-animalists I.I. Riznich (1908-1999), P.P. Veselov (1926-1994), V.M. Zhbanov (1920-1988), T.S. Lynchevskaya (1932-2008) worked at the Leningrad Porcelain Factory named after M.V. Lomonosov, and at the Dmitrov Porcelain Factory – N.I. Rozov (1918-1994), small plastic which will be presented at the exhibition.

Such a trend as Soviet minimalism was reflected in the aesthetics of decorative ceramics and service sets. The 1961 Kalach tea set made by R.R. Mikhailovskaya (1891-1981) at the Dulevsky Porcelain Factory, the decorative dish of  Voronezh ceramist A.V. Dolgachev (born 1930) in 1967 and two vases made by V.G. Gorovneva (1926-2003) at the Leningrad Porcelain Factory have simplified forms and stylized painting.

In the twentieth century, the heroes of the circus, theater and fairy tales are gaining wide popularity in the choice of subjects of ceramic factories. An excellent example from the museum’s collection is the rare and valuable table service «Clowning» by S.M. Orlov (1911-1971), which includes knife stands, egg glasses, ashtray, salt shaker, pepper shaker, mustard and butter dish decorated with figures of clowns.

Decorative dishes appear only by the end of the XIX century and are rapidly gaining popularity in the twentieth century. Their painting differs in that it is not located from the center to the sides with the division of the dish into parts, but occupies its entire surface and is oriented to the viewer. This will be clearly presented by the porcelain dish «Melon» by the artist A.M. Efimova (1897-1962) and majolica dishes – «Still Life» by A.V. Zuikova (1923-1998) and «Peppers» by Voronezh ceramists Zoya Suvorkova (1937-2017) and Nikolai Suvorkov (born 1938), the creators of the Ramon Factory of artistic ceramics.

The exhibition will be located on the second floor of the permanent exhibition of the museum (the hall of Russian art of the XX-XXI centuries) and will last from June 23 to October 1, 2023.
Age limit: 0+

Ticket price:
A visit to the exhibition is included in the ticket price for the permanent exhibition of the museum.

A.V. Dolgachev (born 1930)
Decorative dish. 1967
I.I. Riznich (1908-1999)
Capercaillie. 1961
I.I. Riznich (1908-1999)
Dog. 1961
A.M. Efimova (1897-1962)
Dish "Melon". 1950s-1962.
S.M. Orlov (1911 - 1971)
From the service "Clowning". Egg shot glass. 1952-1962