Maxim Yechein and Yulia Knyazeva's exhibition "A Dream under Your Own Sun"


March 16 at 16:00 in the space of the small exhibition hall of the museum (3rd floor of the permanent exhibition) The Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy will open the exhibition “Sleep under your own Sun” from the series “Young Artists of Voronezh”.

This is a family creative project of Voronezh artists-teachers Maxim Yechein and Yulia Knyazeva. Different in temperament, but harmonious in attitude, Maxim and Julia create paintings imbued with love and inspiration.

The authors describe the essence of their project in this way:

“Your sun is small and big family joys, love, a business from which you get pleasure, a desire to see beauty… All this is your own little world that everyone has. And its values add up to the value of the vast world around us. And almost every one of us has a very tangible sun – a child who illuminates our path and gives us strength, courage, patience and the desire to follow this path.”

The exhibition will feature 50 paintings by Maxim and Julia, as well as 3 works by the sun of the creative family – Alexandra’s daughter.
On the opening day, from 16:00 to 17:00, admission to the exhibition will be free.

The exhibition will last until April 23, 2023.

Age restrictions 0+

Ticket price:
Full – 200 rubles.
Preferential (schoolchildren, pensioners, students) – 100 rubles.
Photography: mobile devices, camera (without flash) – for free.
Members of the Union of Artists (upon presentation of a certificate) – free of charge.