The exhibition “Discovering funds” has started its work in the museum


April 27 in one of the halls of the permanent exhibition VOHM them. I.N. Kramskoy started the second series of exhibitions of graphic works “Discovering Funds. Graphics of the late 19th – early 20th century”, dedicated to the work of the students of the outstanding painter, artist-teacher Ilya Efimovich Repin.

The exhibition presents 9 works from the museum’s own collection, created by such authors as: E.A. Kiseleva, S.A. Beklemisheva-Filipchenko, F.V. Sychkov, F.A. Malyavin, N.F. Petrov, A.A. Egorov, A.M. Lyubimov and V.A. Serov.

Ilya Efimovich Repin tried to be not only a teacher of painting, but also an ideological mentor of his pupils, whom he perceived as “young friends”, younger comrades.

In his teaching activities, Repin sought to connect the school with life, to turn the creativity of students to socially significant topics. Therefore, the master focused his pupils on a realistic perception of nature, studying it in the interaction of form and color. An important point in Repin’s training of the young generation of artists was the method of demonstration sessions, simultaneous work with students.

Many of the great master’s students became teachers, they passed on the knowledge gained from their mentor to novice artists, teaching them art based on Repin’s principles of studying nature. Repin brought up a whole galaxy of artists who developed the realistic traditions of Russian art in their work.

Entrance to the exhibition is carried out with a ticket for the permanent exhibition of the museum.

The exhibition will run until May 29, 2022.