Master class “Watercolor sketches. Drawing for joy "(10+)


On April 10 and April 24 at 12.00, the museum will host a master class “Watercolor Sketches. Drawing for joy ”(10+).

Each house has cute things that evoke pleasant associations and memories.

At the master class, we will write from life, create atmospheric illustrations. We will learn the basic principles of mixing and applying paints, it will be clear where to start and how to make a simple drawing, and we will go through all the main stages of creating an aerial work in watercolor. Such a drawing can become not only an interior decoration, but also the cover of a gift notebook or postcard.

The master class is conducted by the artist Olga Remez.

Duration – 90 minutes.
The cost is 400 rubles.

Tickets online. Limited number of seats. Tickets can also be purchased using the Pushkin card.

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* In the photo of the work of the participants of the master class, which took place on March 20, 2022.