Master class "Collage in the spirit of Raphael" (10+)


On March 13 and 27 at 12.00 the museum invites you to the master class “Collage in the spirit of Raphael”.

Do you want to go on a creative journey and work in the collage technique?
Collage is one of the most modern and interesting graphic techniques that gives a lot of creative freedom. Inspired by the works of the outstanding Renaissance artist Raphael Santi, who became one of the three titans of the Renaissance along with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti, we will make an abstract collage. Learn how to create author’s colored paper with unique prints. In the process, we learn about collage as a technique with its techniques and “tricks”.

All materials are provided. Take your finished work with you.

The master class is conducted by artist Olga Remez.

Duration – 90 minutes.
The cost is 400 rubles.

Limited number of seats. Tickets online only.

All tickets for the master classes are SOLD OUT.