Герасимов Александр Михайлович


31.07.1881 – 23.07.1963

Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov is a Russian, Soviet painter, architect and art theorist, teacher and professor.

Alexander Gerasimov was born in the city of Kozlov (now Michurinsk, Tambov Region) into a merchant family.

Just like many famous artists of the early 20th century, he studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. His mentors were K.A. Korovin, A.E. Arkhipov and V.A. Serov. However, after graduating from college, the master did not receive wide recognition.

In 1915, Alexander Mikhailovich was mobilized into the army and until 1917 he was on the fronts of the First World War. As a non-combatant soldier, he served on an ambulance train on the southern front. After demobilization, in 1918 – 1925, he lived and worked in Kozlov.

In 1925, the artist moved to Moscow, joined the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia, taught at the School of Memory of 1905, in the summer of 1934 he received a creative business trip for three months to Germany, France, Italy and Turkey, in 1939-1954 he was chairman of the organizing committee of the Union of Artists of the USSR , and in 1951 he became a doctor of art history.

Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov is one of the largest Soviet artists of the 1930s – 1950s, who was fond of impressionism in his youth, he also painted in the genre of socialist realism.

The paintings of A. M. Gerasimov are painted with bright, saturated colors and are often devoted to Soviet and party history. The master was the favorite artist of I.V. Stalin.

In May 1949, the Ogonyok magazine published photo reproductions of paintings and sculptures by major Western modernists, including Salvador Dali, with comments by Alexander Gerasimov, President of the Academy of Arts.

Alexander Gerasimov died on July 23, 1963. He was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery.
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