Online lecture "Light painters and painting"


January 21 at 12.00 VOHM them. I.N. Kramskoy invites everyone to the lecture “Light painters and painting”.

The lecture will cover the period of development of early Russian photography from the late 1840s to the early 1920s in the context of its formation, self-awareness, development and recognition as a special kind of fine art. During the lecture, we will look at the social environment and the context of the time, the unique conditions of mutual influence, cooperation and controversy, as well as the technical and pictorial features of the age of early photography.

You will learn about the mass boom of “album mania” and the collapse of miniature painting, about the world recognition of Russian light painters and the bitterness of obscurity of the pioneers, about the photographic activity of the young I.N. Kramskoy and big names S.L. Levitsky, G.I. Denier, A.O. Karelina. On the mass nature of photography in the 19th century and the aesthetic resistance of Pictorialism. And also about what is common between the aesthetics of impressionism and the use of soft-focus optics, between photography on glass of the 19th century and Polaroid.

The lecturer is the senior researcher of the museum Valery Shakin.

The lecture will be broadcast in the VKontakte museum group