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Exhibition "Far Garden" (0+)


January 20, 2022 at 4 p.m. in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy, the opening of the exhibition project “Far Garden” will take place.

This is a large-scale art project about the local mythology of a place, about the relationship of a person with space, time and memory.
It combines art and research, a multi-focus view of the topic.

Over the past summer, a group of artists, photographers, performers, playwrights and actors have been exploring the oldest summer cottage settlement in Chernozemye – Dalnie Sady. They collected stories and photographs, conducted field expeditions, held discussions, and created works. The result of this study was first presented to the viewer in August 2021. During the whole day, the guests participated in a series of performances, listened to documentary stories of the inhabitants of this village. The central event of the project was an exhibition in promenade and site-specific formats: the works of the artists were inscribed in the space of the real country landscape – on the streets of Dalnye Sadov, in the field and on the territory of the garden plot and the country house.

The winter exhibition will be the final point of the project: the exposition will be expanded with documentary materials, installations and works, and will represent a figurative model of an imaginary summer cottage village, placed in a museum space. This will be an exhibition-memory: about summer in winter, about summer cottages in the museum, about the past and the present, about the ordinary and intimate.

Dacha is a small model of society. An intermediate environment between the city and nature, an island of freedom at any time – whether in the historical past of a country or in the modern context of a global epidemic.
The dacha is a witness to the change of generations, a repository of family stories from the past. By preserving them, we better understand our ancestors and build a stronger foundation for the present and the future.
The dacha is a symbol of the lost Paradise, which we strive to return by replacing the Creator. Our little universe, our personal Garden of Eden.
A dacha is a litmus that shows our attitude to the personal and the public, our openness or limitedness, our aesthetic taste, creative impulse, and sometimes, and civic position.

The study of the polyphony of contexts that the phenomenon of summer cottages keeps in itself is aimed at the eternal search for one’s place and one’s happiness in a rapidly changing world.

More than 40 people are taking part in the project. These are artists, photographers, playwrights, actors and performers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Lipetsk, Barcelona. Voronezh authors include Sergei Gorshkov, Valery Mishunin, Evgenia Nozhkina, Evgeny Chepurin, Yegor Astapchenko, Daria Dubrovskaya, Christina Ramli, Viktor Dyuzhev, Olga Gnezdilova, Igor Shcherbakov, Sergei Brudanin and others. The curator of the project is Marina Demchenko, an artist from Voronezh.

After the end of the exhibition, many works will be available for purchase.

In addition to the exhibition, the program of the project includes a parallel public program: lectures on the phenomenon of summer cottages and summer cottages in Russian literature, screenings of animation and feature films, performance, verbatim, creative meetings with artists and curatorial excursions.

The cost of visiting the exhibition is 100 rubles for all categories of citizens.
You can also buy a ticket using the Pushkin Card (online only). TO BUY A TICKET.

Please note that the entrance to the opening of the exhibition from 16.00 to 17.00 will be free.
From 17.00 o’clock – admission with tickets!

The exhibition will be available until February 6, 2022.

Photo by Ekaterina Bityutskikh
Photo by Andrey Parfenov
Photo by Marina Demchenko
Photo by Marina Demchenko
Photo by Marina Demchenko
Photo by Andrey Parfenov