Thematic excursion "Following Christmas" (14+)


Themed excursion “Following Christmas” is dedicated to the reflection of the miracle of the Christmas history in European art through the example of a copy of the magnificent altar “Adoration of the Magi”, made by the Italian artist Gentile da Fabriano in 1423, presented in the museum. The participants of the excursion will hear a story about the gifts brought by the Magi, the Holy Family and the surname Strozzi, who ordered the altar. Festive decorations specially made for the project, placed in the interiors of the museum, will accompany guests all Christmas days.

Excursion schedule:

December 25 at 16.00.
December 26 at 16.00.
December 29 at 4 pm.
December 30 at 16.00.
January 2 at 4 pm.
January 3 at 4 pm.
January 4 at 4 pm.
January 5 at 4 pm.
January 6 at 4 pm.
January 8 at 16.00.
January 9 at 4 pm.

Tours are conducted by appointment: 8 (473) 255-50-81.

Excursion service cost:
Up to 5 people – 200 rubles / person + Entrance ticket to the exposition: full 200 rubles or preferential 100 rubles (pensioners, schoolchildren, students).
From 6 people – 100 rubles / person (+ entrance ticket to the exposition).

Participation in the event can be paid for with a Pushkin card (online only).


IMPORTANT: before buying an electronic ticket, you must sign up by calling 255-50-81.