Online lecture "Nikolay Yaroshenko -" conscience "of TPHV"


December 3 at 12.00 in the VOKhM them. I.N. Kramskoy will host an online lecture “Nikolai Yaroshenko -” conscience “of TPHV” (within the framework of the exhibition “Peredvizhniki. Truth of Life”).

The broadcast will take place in the VKontakte museum group.

The lecture is dedicated to the life and work of the military engineer and artist Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yaroshenko (1846-1898), who at one time became the successor to I.N. Kramskoy and took over as the ideological director of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. Contemporaries called Nikolai Alexandrovich the “conscience” of the Itinerants and the guardian of the traditions of the Association. One of the first Russian artists Yaroshenko made proletarians and revolutionaries the heroes of his canvases. He sought to reflect the changes taking place in the country, painted pictures filled with a spirit of protest, for one of which he was even arrested.

The lecturer is Nadezhda Malysheva, a senior researcher at the museum.