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Exhibition "Wanderers: Truth of Life". To the 150th anniversary of the first TPHV exhibition


September 16 at 4 pm in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy, the opening of the exhibition “Peredvizhniki: Truth of Life” will take place, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions and the holding of the first exhibition.

The project partner is the State Tretyakov Gallery.

In the history of Russian art of the second half of the 19th century, a special place, as one of the most significant creative associations, is occupied by the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions, “Itinerants”. Their contribution to Russian culture is so significant that even today, for many, it is the Wanderers who remain the spokesmen of Russian life in the images of fine art. For more than half a century of its history (1870 – 1923) the partnership has held 47 exhibitions in different years, uniting the best creative forces of Russia.

The activity of TPHV in many ways became a new experience for Russian artists. The goals proclaimed during the creation of the Partnership: popularization of contemporary Russian art, enlightenment in the Russian provinces, and the organization of commercially successful exhibition activities, were new in Russian artistic life and reflected the advanced ideas of their time. In Voronezh, traveling exhibitions have been repeatedly, and each time it was an event in the provincial cultural life, opening their way to art for many young artists.

The Voronezh Art Museum is named after one of the leaders of the TPHV Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy. It was Kramskoy, a man of the highest moral qualities, the “conscience” of the Partnership, who thought a lot about the nature of art in general and about the tasks that stood at a particular historical moment, defined the ideology of itinerant movement, set a high ethical level.

The museum’s collection contains a significant collection of works by Itinerant artists: paintings, graphic, sculptural works. While not complete or exhaustive, it contains works of remarkable artistic quality. The exhibition will feature more than 60 works from the Voronezh collection and 10 works from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery, including: N.I. Kramskoy “Pasechnik”, N.N. Dubovskoy “Quiet”, N.А. Yaroshenko “Portrait of an Unknown” and others.

Exhibition ticket prices:

Full ticket – 300 rubles.
Preferential (pensioners, schoolchildren, students) upon presentation of the relevant document – 200 rubles.
You can buy a ticket to the exhibition using the Pushkin card (the ticket is valid upon presentation of an identity document).
Members of the Union of Artists (upon presentation of a certificate) – free of charge.
Photography: mobile devices, camera (without flash) – free of charge.

The exhibition will run until December 5, 2021.