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August 11, 2021 on the second floor of the exhibition hall of the Museum. I.N. Kramskoy, the exhibition “VORONEZH: up and down” begins to work, which will present graphic works with views of Voronezh from the museum collection and from private collections.

Today Voronezh is a rapidly growing city with a population of over one million. Where there used to be low-rise buildings in the historic center, buildings rise, destroying the integral form of past centuries. The urban environment imperceptibly affects a person every day. None of us can ignore the city: with its noisy traffic flows, variegated architecture, electrical wires … Few already remember what the city was like several decades ago. The exhibition provides an opportunity to see what the houses, streets and alleys are now familiar to everyone in the 50-90s of the XX century.

The views of Voronezh presented at the exhibition were created by famous graphic artists of several generations. The atmosphere of the city in the color linocut of the 50s by Georgy Alekseev and Vladimir Presnyakov is surprisingly reliably conveyed. In the 1960s, Presnyakov created a whole series of black-and-white Voronezh linocuts, which were printed by the Kommuna publishing house from the author’s boards. Noteworthy is the large-scale work of Masabikh Akhunov from the series “Voronezh in Centuries”, almost three meters wide, it consists of several components. Protected areas of Voronezh with no longer existing old buildings and small streets were embodied in a series of aquatints of the 80s by Evgeny Poshivalov. His works are a kind of encyclopedia of the sights of Voronezh. An excellent example of etching technique is the work of Oleg Turbin and Gennady Grishchenko, which show us the most recognizable views of the city. The graphic artist Denis Bulavintsev has already captured the modern views of Voronezh, whose works are presented in the technique of linocut and are kept in the museum.

Over the years of its existence, Voronezh has greatly changed its appearance. The exhibition demonstrates how the streets of the city have changed over time. Visitors will be able to see Voronezh as the artists of the last century saw it and how its appearance was reflected in the works of contemporary artists.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 435th anniversary of the city of Voronezh and presents about 40 graphic works performed in different graphic techniques.

The project was implemented in collaboration with the Voronezh graphic artist Denis Bulavintsev.

Work on the title – E.Ya. Poshivalov. House-Museum of I.S. Nikitin. 1984.

The cost of the visit is 100 rubles. for all categories of citizens.

Members of the Union of Artists (upon presentation of a certificate) – free
Photography: mobile devices, camera (without flash) – free

The exhibition will run until September 19, 2021.

G.L. Alekseev
Entrance to the children's park
V.A. Presnyakov
Graphic sheet from the series "Voronezh"
M.F. Akhunov
Voronezh is 400 years old
O.A. Turbine
Old and new Voronezh