Action "Night of the Arts"


November 3, on the eve of the National Unity Day, the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy will take part in the cultural and educational action “Night of the Arts”. The action under the motto “Art unites” will be held online.

The events will be dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Alekseevich Bunin.


11.00. Thematic publication “I.A. Bunin. Loneliness”. Visitors to social networks will learn the history of I.A. Bunin’s poem “Loneliness” and will be able to listen to the audio recording of the work performed by the author.

12.00 – 13.00. Broadcast of the tour of the exhibition “How to say about all this beauty” (0+)

The extraordinary “picturesqueness” of Bunin’s texts was noted by his contemporaries. The exhibition reveals the originality of Bunin the artist through the presentation of “picturesque” parallels, figurative and stylistic closeness, the similarity of color perception and the inclusion of bright fragments of Bunin’s texts. The exposition includes works by I. Levitan, P. Nilus, L. Turzhansky, A. Sredin, A. and V. Vasnetsov, drawings by T. Muravyova-Loginova, as well as lifetime editions of the poem “Falling Leaves” and the cycle of stories “Dark Alleys”.

The excursion is led by the exhibition curator, the scientific secretary of the museum, Natalya Bakina.

14.00 – 15.00. Online master class “Field with poplars” (0+)

The master class is devoted to drawing natural motives using mixed techniques, working with gouache and pastels. On the example of the landscape of the artist Peter Nilus, a certain sequence of work will be demonstrated, which helps to reveal the themes:
– building subtle coloristic relationships;
– a technique for creating smooth color transitions to convey the most delicate tones.

The master class is conducted by Olga Remez, a senior research fellow at the museum. Artist, teacher. Graduated from the Voronezh Art School (technical school). He is fluent in various graphic and painting techniques. An active participant in exhibitions, creative competitions and plein airs.

16.00 – 17.00. Lecture “The grammar of love. Bunin “(18+)

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin found an amazing metaphor for the title of his story “The Grammar of Love”. The poet and writer seemed to strive to find a system and rules according to which this beautiful contradictory feeling is formed, which defies any explanations and laws. The lecture is dedicated to the theme of love in the life and work of the Nobel Prize laureate.

Speaker – museum guide Nadezhda Malysheva.

18.00. Publication on summing up the results of the quiz based on exhibitions dedicated to the anniversary of I.A. Bunina: “Through the Bunin word” and “How to say about all this beauty.” The winner will receive a prize – the catalog of the exhibition “Through the Bunin Word”.