Online exhibition «Summer landscapes»


The exhibition «Summer landscapes» includes nature studies from the funds of the Voronezh art Museum.

Etudes are considered preparatory work. However, for the artists themselves, etudes are a kind of diary of impressions, a notebook. Landscape artists record the state of nature in their sketches, which last only a few minutes. This is the charm of these small works, which reflect the global beauty of the natural world.

The exhibition includes works by Isaac Levitan, Vasily Polenov, Viktor Borisov-Musatov, Alexander Buchkuri, Mikhail Nesterov, Konstantin Somov, Alexander Benois, apollinari Vasnetsov and other landscape artists.

The curator of the exhibition is Galina Nikulina, a senior researcher in the Museum’s exposition and exhibition Department.

L. G. Solovyov. The artist on the sketches. Pastel, paper.
L. G. Solovyov. The Surrounding Area Of Ostrogozhsk. 1869. Oil on canvas.
A. V. Fonvizin. Landscape with a house. Paper, oil.
V. E. Makovsky. Water mill. Oil on canvas
V. D. Polenov. Road near the village. 1877. Wood, oil
I. I. Levitan. Savvinskaya Sloboda. 1884. Oil on canvas.
I. I. Levitan. Cloud (early, on a cloudy day). 1890. Cardboard, oil.
L. G. Solovyov. Sky. Paper, pastel.
V. E. Borisov-Musatov. Cottages. Canvas on cardboard, oil.
V. N. Baksheev. Summer evening. 1908. Canvas on plywood, oil.
S. F. Kolesnikov. Landscape. In the Don steppe. 1913. Cardboard, gouache.
I. P. Simakov. At a dacha near Voronezh. 1911. Cardboard, oil.
K. J. Matzev. Ramon. 1910s. Paper, oil.
A. A. Buchkuri. Landscape. 1918. Paper, oil.
P. I. Petrovichev. Summer. 1917. Cardboard, oil.
P. A. Nilus. Fields. Cardboard, oil.
V. K. Menk. Landscape. 1889. Cardboard, oil.
I. I. Levitan. Grey day. 1886-1890. Oil on canvas.
I. I. Levitan. On the river (Steamship on the Volga). 1886-1890. Oil on canvas.
A. Orlov. Landscape. 1900. Oil on canvas.
M. V. Nesterov. On the Volga. Canvas on cardboard, oil.
V. P. Trofimov. A pond with two spoons. Paper, gouache.
I. S. Ostroukhov. Biarritz, 1889. Canvas on cardboard, oil.
A. M. Vasnetsov. Parthenite. Crimea. 1915. Canvas on cardboard, oil.
Petrov. Landscape. Oil on canvas.
F. A. Vasiliev. Crimean etude. 1873. Canvas on cardboard, oil.
K. A. Somov. Alley of cypresses in Alushta. 1901. Canvas on cardboard, oil on canvas.
A. N. Benoit. Zander. 1915. Paper, watercolor, gouache.
P. A. Nilus. Landscape with hills. Cardboard, oil.
L. G. Solovyov. The artist on the sketches. Pastel paper.