The results of the online project # Masterpiece at Home


The project is an analogy to the flash mob #insulation, which gained great popularity in Russia during the period of self-isolation.
Acceptance of work was carried out until May 8.

The winners of the project were 10 works, the authors of which:

Oleg Cheplashkin / Portrait of a Man in a Red Turban
Anna Zolotareva and Svetlana Baranova / Children
Lilia Ermakova / Russian girl
Maria Nedorezova / Maroussia (fragment)
Anastasia Lukyanchikova / Proserpina
Victoria Shestopalova / Amethyst
Ekaterina Pravosudova / For the toilet. Self portrait
Ksenia Goncharova / Self-portrait with a bandaged ear and tube
Anastasia Durmanova / Girl with a Pearl Earring
Roman Serebryansky / Portrait of the young Marc Chagall
The authors of the winning works will receive tickets (each for 2 persons) to the exhibition of artists Alexander Drevin and Nadezhda Udaltsova, which will be held at Vokhm named after I.N. Kramskoy in the framework of the X Platonov Arts Festival in September 2020.

VOHM them. I.N. Kramskoy expresses sincere gratitude to all participants in the project and wishes them further creative achievements!

Jan van Eyck. Portrait of a man in a red turban.
Oleg Cheplashkin
Amedeo Modigliani. Portrait of a woman in a black tie.
Yana Demanova
Pablo Picasso. Nude woman.
Natalya Smyshlyaeva
B.D. Grigoryev. Children.
Anna Zolotareva and Svetlana Baranova
B.V. Shcherbakov. Russian girl.
Lilia Ermakova
E.A. Kiseleva. Maroussia (fragment).
Maria Nedorezova
Leonardo da Vinci. Lady with an ermine.
Elizabeth Krasnikova and Bergamot
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Proserpine.
Anastasia Lukyanchikova
Alphonse Mucha. Series "Gemstones". Amethyst.
Victoria Shestopalova
Z.E. Serebryakova. For the toilet. Self portrait.
Ekaterina Pravosudova
I.N. Ronkin. Portrait of a daughter.
Iraida Nikulina
Vincent van Gogh. Self portrait with bandaged ear and tube.
Ksenia Goncharova and Selena (model)
Andy Warhole. Jars of Campbell Soup.
Maria Koroleva
Jan Vermeer. Girl with a Pearl Earring.
Anastasia Durmanova
Yudel Pan. Portrait of a young Marc Chagall.
Roman Serebryansky
E.A. Kiseleva. Portrait of Sandy Hill.
Galina Nikulina
I. Bilibin. Illustration for the tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful."
Anna Paly
K.S. Malevich. The head of a young modern girl.
Daria Astapchenko
Pablo Picasso. Girl on the Ball.
Egor Astapchenko with his daughter
N.I. Tereshchenko. You are on the right track, comrades! Poster.
Mikhail Morev
John Everett Millet. Ophelia.
Elena Bulava