Lecture: “Architecture and Design of the 20th Century”


August 22 at Vokhm named after I.N. Kramskoi held a lecture “Architecture and Design of the 20th Century” (as part of an educational program based on the work of the exhibition “History of Russian Design 1917 – 2017”).

The lecturer was a historian of architecture, design and urban planning, Ph.D., photographer Nikolai Vasiliev.

The lecture talked about the relationship between design arts and the role of architects in the development of design as a separate discipline, mainly on the example of Soviet architecture and design.

In the lecture, built on a series of “episodes” from the appearance of design, through the avant-garde to the end of the 20th century, the close connections between architecture and design (furniture, household items, transport) on the reference points – art nouveau, avant-garde, art deco, were investigated , post-war functionalism, postmodernism.

The project was implemented with the support of SIBUR as part of the Formula of Good Deeds charity program.