The application of augmented reality "Artifact" in the VOKM them. I.N. Kramskoy


Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy offers his visitors to use the augmented reality application “Artefact” (Artifact) within the framework of the main exhibition of the museum.

The application is a project of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Visitors to museums, once installing a mobile application, can download materials of exhibitions and expositions and get the opportunity to learn interesting information about the exhibits, just by pointing the camera device on the subject.
Even staying at home, you can explore museum collections in the “Catalog” mode.

When you hover the camera of a tablet or smartphone (available for iOS 10+ or ​​Android 5+), the camera recognizes the exhibit and gives information about the item.


Install the free Artefact app to see augmented reality mode in action. Download via “App Store” or “Google play”, or go to
Download the exhibition.
Section “Exhibitions” – “The main exposition of the VOKM them. Kramskoy.
Click on the “Augmented Reality” button and point the camera at the exhibit, equipped with a special tag icon: the letters “AR” on a black background.
Get acquainted with the information about the exhibit. Find out about the details and interesting facts will help “points of interest.”
Some exhibits are equipped with an audio guide.
Step-by-step instructions are presented at the information stand of the museum (next to the cashier’s office) and on each floor of the main building at the entrance to the main exposition halls of the museum.

The following museum exhibits are available for recognition with the help of Artefact:

Department of Ancient Egyptian Art (1st floor):
Sarcophagus Nesipaherentahata;
Bust ancestor;
Stela Ramos.
Department of ancient art (1st floor):
Department of Russian Art (2nd floor):
I.N. Kramskoy. Portrait of the artist’s wife and daughter I.N. Kramskoy;
I.N. Kramskoy. Portrait of the artist’s son;
I.E. Repin Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan;
V.A. Tropinin. Portrait N.P. Panina;
E.A. Kiselyov. Portrait of Sandy Hill;
A.A. Buchkuri. Fair;
I.K. Aivazovsky. Sea view;
P.A. Nilus. Paris after the rain;
CM. Romanovich. Rook in a storm.

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