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Lecture "Peter Bruegel the Elder: life, work and time"


March 16, 2019 VOHM them. I.N. Kramskoy invites you to the lecture “Peter Bruegel the Elder: life, work and time.”

Lecturer: senior museum researcher Valery Shakin.

The 16th century is a turbulent era in the history of Europe: a bloody, frightening, turning point of the century. The art of Peter Bruegel the Elder revives old Flemish painting, giving her new life and fresh pulsating blood. The artist for the simplicity of the brush and the image, nicknamed the “peasant”, managed, like no other, to embody the soul of his own people with colors. Rough types of Flemish everyday life here side by side with the universal scale of what is happening, and the reverent display of native nature, with thoughts about the fate of the fatherland on the eve of the Netherlands bourgeois revolution.

The lecture starts at 15.00.
Audience: 16+.
Venue: Exhibition Hall (2nd floor).
The start of the lecture is March 2 (from 10.00 am). Call by phone: 255-50-81.
Ticket price for the lecture – 100 rubles.