The Museum held lectures employee VOHM them. I. N. Kramskoy.


1 and 9 of August in WOHM them. I. N. Kramskoi held lectures of the senior researcher of the Museum – Valery Shakin.

On August 1, the Museum held a lecture ” Venetian painting of the XVI century.” Valery told the audience about the features of the Venetian Renaissance, the role and heritage of the Venetian school of the XVI century in world art, as well as the work of such artists as Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese.

August 9 lecture, “Carlo Crivelli: Between Autumn of the middle Ages and the Rebirth in Spring”, students learned about the life and work of Carlo Crivelli – the special artist of the Italian art of the XV century, which was rejected by the countrymen during his life, but appreciated by Venice on merit only 500 years later.