Open exhibitions "Graphics of Olga Dmitrienko"


November 9, 2017 in the hall VOHM them. I.N. The solemn opening of the first solo exhibition of the Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Honored Art Worker of the Voronezh Region, the teacher of the Voronezh Art College, Olga Vasilievna Dmitrienko, was held in Kramskoy.

Opening the solemn part, the head of the exposition department of the museum, Olga Ryabchikova, said: “It’s nice that the museum’s luggage is replenished with exhibitions of works by women artists, which seems to debunk the established opinion in the society that artistic creativity is exclusively a man’s occupation. In the works of the artist, the best traditions of the St. Petersburg School of Graphics are traced: in the refined restraint of the intonation of her works, the refined plasticity of the lines and the very correct soft tone gradation of gray color. ”

The head of the department of professional art and art education Alena Sergeeva, stressed that the exhibition turned out to be subtle, lyrical and at the same time very emotional. Because it is female creativity that is characterized by a special warmth and tenderness, manifested in semitones, a special look at their models.

Member of the Union of Artists, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Director of the Voronezh Art School, Sergei Gulevsky (husband of the artist), especially noted that she admires Olga Vasilievna’s skill, diligence and talent, because her works set a high enough benchmark .

“We are in dire need of today in exhibitions of this format, where the high skill, the responsibility and the dedication to the continuation of the traditions of our Russian art are very convincingly traced,” said Alexei Smirnov, chairman of the board of the regional organization of the Union of Artists.

The writer, the writer, the professor, the candidate of philological sciences Oleg Lasunsky noted the high professionalism with which the author’s works were executed and expressed the hope that such exhibitions will continue.

Many warm words and kind wishes were addressed to the artist by her colleague in the workshop, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Lavrov.

At the end of the ceremony, Olga thanked everyone who came to the exhibition and gave her hope for the continuation of her exhibition activities.