Exhibition "backstage" and its participants


October 12 an exhibition dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the birth of our fellow countryman, whose name is named our museum – Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy.

The opening of the exhibition is a solemn moment, preceded by a very important, laborious work. This is the preparation of the concept of the exhibition, the thinking and drawing up of the exhibition itself, the compilation of information texts, work in the funds to study and clarify the history of work, the selection of exhibits, the replacement of old frames, the production of frames for paintings not exhibited earlier, the framing of works, the hanging of exhibits, banners and posters, development and printing of etiquette, etc.

All this work is, of course, the work of museum staff: the head of the exposition and exhibition department Olga Alexandrovna Ryabchikova, the staff of the department – Bondarev Ivan Alexandrovich and Burakov Eugene Ivanovich, all the staff of the “Funds” department under the leadership of the main curator Elena Ivanovna Pshenitsyna. A great help in the design of museum works is provided by the staff of the “Titul” Framing Workshop, headed by its director Alexei A. Alsufyev. Printing of posters and banners is traditionally carried out by artists Valery and Albert Gomozov.

During the preparatory work and installation of the exhibition, photo artist Konstantin Kyriakidi (the author of the joint special project “Museum Heroes” dedicated to the Museum Day) watched several days. The result of the observation was his photo works, shedding light on the exhibition “backstage”.