Victory Day in the VOKHM them. I.N. Kramskoy


On May 9, on the day of celebration of the 72nd anniversary from the Day of the Great Victory for all visitors of the VOKH them. I.N. Kramskoy in the exhibition hall was shown a slide show “Photo chronicle of the military Voronezh. Places of Military Glory. ”

From 12.00 to 13.30 in the lecture hall everyone was able to take part in the thematic meeting “Memorable May”, including a video presentation “Voronezh military through the eyes of frontline artists” and a demonstration of the film “The City of Courage” (about the history of Voronezh during the Great Patriotic War).

On Victory Day a visit to the main exposition of the museum and an exhibition of works by Voronezh artist E.A. Kiseleva (from the museum’s funds) was free for all categories of visitors.