Journey game "Wonderful Museum"


May 18, the International Day of Museums VOHM them. I.N. Kramskoy invited visitors to participate in the game-brodilke “Wonderful Museum”, the concept of which was to help our guests to take a fresh look at the exposition, to find interesting details.

Visitors to the museum were able to get the route sheets, which included 24 questions on the museum’s exposition. The answers to these questions could be found in pictures or on labels for works of art.

The game was played during the day, and visitors of different ages managed to participate in it. The children were the most resourceful. For example, when asked how many images of Our Lady is in the Italian Hall, only the most attentive guys could answer.

The route sheets of the successful participants of the game were awarded with a special stamp with the image of the museum. The owners of the sheets will be able to visit the VOKHM. I.N. Kramskoy in the company of another person until June 25.